Scott Disick is proud (and embarrassed) of his father’s celebration after Mason leaves

Scott Disc Taking the steps of a vintage father: celebrating his son’s worthy achievement And At the same time embarrass the poor man! Yes!

Mason Disk Passed sixth grade this week, and on Wednesday night, her 39-year-old dad proudly bragged about the accomplishments on her well-watched social media platform! There were only two minor issues – Scott’s celebration must have come as a super crease for the 12-year-old poor (LOLz) and Mason fell asleep during the party! Oh no!

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The Flip it like disk alum shuts down things with a balloon show on Wednesday night that celebrates Mason’s latest academic achievement of finishing one more year of school!

Posted for him Instagram storyScott shared this sweet snap by displaying a set of balloons that left little room for imagination about his achievement:

Scott Disk Proud (and embarrassing) Father's Celebration Mason after passing sixth grade!
During the party at Disik’s house! / (C) Scott Disk / Instagram


Any “congratulations graduate” or something like that ?! A large ol ‘run on sentence shaped like a literal wall of balloons. Fineness is not Scott’s strongest suit here! LOLz!

Still, it’s super sweet. We love it! But Mason’s shoes are putting themselves, and thinking back to when We At the age of 12, we probably died somewhat inside this direct outflow of love! So it goes back to those awkward pre-teen years. Mom and Dad always embarrass you in one way or another. We were all there !! Yes!

The fun part came later in the night, though, when Scott returned to his IG store and showed the results of Mason’s big graduation celebration:

Scott Disick proud (and embarrassing) dad's celebration after Mason passed sixth grade!
… Just until Mason falls asleep. Can’t win them all, we guess! / (C) Scott Disk / Instagram

Ah, well! So much for the team.

But it was a very nice gesture of Baba Disik, really! Think that it counts, after all.

Congratulations to Mason !!

[Image via Scott Disick/Instagram]

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