Scott Disk goes on Kardashians: You dare leave me out of the family

Scott Dixick and Courtney Kardashian have been married for more than a decade and have three children together.

So even though they are not married, Scott begins to think of Courtney’s family as his own.

Even after Scott and Courtney last broke up in 2015, they maintained a close relationship and enjoyed a civic co-parent relationship.

Of course, these days, Courtney is engaged to Travis Barker (the couple recently “married” in Vegas, but the marriage wasn’t formal), so she’s normally spending less time with Scott.

Scott Disk in Hulu

And of course, Scott is no longer as close to the Kardashian group as he once was.

All of this is to be expected, as the cards have affection for Scott, but their main allegiance ultimately depends on Courtney.

In the latest episode of Kardashians’ new Hulu series, Courtney talks about her recent conversation with Scott with her mother, Chris Jenner.

Scott Disk has been happy

“She said, ‘It’s not easy for me and for me – at the end of the day, I want you to be happy and congratulations on your engagement,'” Court recalls.

Later in the same episode, Scott Court’s mother met Chris Jenner for lunch.

Chris explains that he often feels like he’s “cheating on Courtney” when he spends time with Scott, which creates an awkward moment.

Chris Jenner expresses a surprise

The conversation then turned into Chris’ upcoming birthday party, where Scott was not invited.

“Why don’t I come?” You told me I was your blood-related son when my parents died, “Scott said, adding that Chris” obviously “didn’t feel the same way anymore.

Chris tried to allay his concerns, explaining that the party was a catered dinner and that he was limited in the number of guests he could invite.

Scott is going through the disk

Scott said it was “ridiculous” that he was denying her pain.

“It’s just wrong,” he said, spitting at his ex-mother, adding that such sudden neglect made him feel “like a complete Shaw.”

“It sounds like the F-King Oscar, and you’re trying to get me to eat Maria’s lunch with a cut salad. What am I, a cut liver?” Disk says in the confessional segment.

Scott Disk feels ready to move on

Scott was invited to the party and was injured, where he made peace with Travis.

“Congratulations bro,” said Disk, hugging Barker.

Everything seemed to be going well, but in the end, Scott’s jealousy and insecurity seemed to make him feel better again.

Scott Disk stands for his kids

The episode ended with a scene where Scott Kendall annoyed Jenner for not being invited to his birthday party.

And unfortunately for Scott, little Jenner was not as sympathetic as his mother.

“Actually, I’m on top of this Scott,” Kendall shouted angrily at Disik.

Kendall Jenner has enough

Obviously, the Kardashians want to include Scott in their lives, but it seems like he’s having a hard time realizing that the boundaries have changed.

Apparently, the months following the engagement were rough for Disk, and the situation worsened as she left her only child and her parents.

But he understands better how his mood can be controlled as soon as possible, as Courtney’s family can cut him off well.

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