Scott Disk went to a strip club to confuse himself during Courtney Kardashian

Scott Disc This has done its own thing this past weekend, and the more we know about it, the more common it is to LD!

Of course, we reported earlier this weekend on Lord Disk’s El Le-Area activities, when his ex Courtney Kardashian Thousands of miles away to get married (again) Travis Barker In Portofino, Italy. But a new report that broke early Tuesday gave us a big update: Scott wasn’t there Just Chatting with friends at dinner in Angels City !!

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According to TMZ, Which first released a video of the outing on Tuesday morning, the 38-year-old reality TV star traveled to NYC on Sunday and entered a high-profile strip club in the city early Monday morning! The outlet reports that Flip it like disk Alum entered Sapphire New YorkA high-end strip club in town, with a group of friends “around 2:30 on Monday morning.”

News ORG notes that Scott went to the club’s “live VIP section”, where he was the “low key” and presumably only “chatted with his immediate crew”. There was nothing really disgusting, as Scott “didn’t even contact any dancers,” according to sources inside the club who spoke to the media outlet about it. Still, it makes us wonder: for one, how could gal pal be Rebecca Donaldson Feel that little trip ??

Then again, we haven’t heard much about him since the beginning of April, when Lord Disk brought him to the red carpet premiere. Kardashians. Curious.

Shh!  Scott Disk supposedly wants to 'settle down' with his new model girlfriend ?!
Whatever the case for predictions … / (c) Scott Disc / Rebecca Donaldson / Instagram

This information has been known from the internal sources of the club TMZ That Incompetent The founder was in a chat mood with his friends on Monday morning and in particular, “there was a woman he talked to most of the night.” He didn’t spend a ton of time at the club, either, “about an hour” after allegedly going inside.

Interestingly, he missed Pusha T. There! The rapper performed the night before to promote his latest album – which includes the Carzner-affiliated A-lister Connie West – But the performance was wrapped up “shortly before Scott arrived.”

Apparently, all of this has been made more interesting in the way that Scott’s ex was simultaneously hitched several thousand miles away. And Lord Disk was not the only significant Carzner-world absence Push Founder’s wedding heck, he wasn’t even the most amazing wedding no-show, since we already knew he wouldn’t be there Castello Brown Watch her ex get involved with her beautiful new rocker beau!

Still, things were calm and quiet Most Disc dropping by a WeHo hotspot for a nice, friendly dinner over the weekend Rod StewartIts baby but Sunday night-slash-Monday morning, the vibe has changed !!

BTW, if you are curious, you can watch a very short video of Scott walking through the strip club here.

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