Scott Disk won’t see Courtney Marie Travis in Italy – but who cares

Don’t expect Scott Disc Curzner will take the rest of the crew to Italy in the near future to see when to stay with them Courtney Kardashian Get married Travis Barker!

At the time, according to insiders, the 38-year-old Flip it like disk Alum “not expected” to join the famous European country famous Fame for a formal walk down the Kravis’ corridor. According to new reporting from that ETAt the very least, those who cite a source are open about the rift between Scott and his former flame.

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Of course, we’ve reported before whether Scott Italy will attend the wedding – especially if it’s filmed for the family. Hulu The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but Scott is apparently not ready for it.

The source explained:

“She is not in the place where she wants to see Courtney get married. She’s still not emotionally involved. “

But this is not all his decision! The source added:

“Courtney wouldn’t want him there if he was going to be weird about it.”

Oops. Understandably tbh …

Of course, Perezius readers can probably guess at this point, it’s not just Italy that has bothered Scott so much. After Court and Travis unexpectedly tied the knot this past weekend in Santa Barbara, California, Scott is outraged that he had no prior knowledge of what was going to happen!

The Incompetent Founders, who share children Mason12, Penelope9, and KingdomWith the court, 7, was upset that he found out about the courthouse marriage through social media, as explained internally:

“Scott is very upset and didn’t know about the Santa Barbara wedding before time. Finding out on social media and through friends was annoying for him. He’s still not happy about everything, but he’s trying to support.

Clearly, the whole “trying to be supportive” thing is proving difficult for Scott. And really, we understand why.

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For Push The founder, though, is directing all mental energy forward. The ET The source notes that Court and Travis were specifically key to their low-key marriage in Santa Barbara, explaining:

“It simply came to our notice then. It was about them, and it was amazing. They love Santa Barbara and wanted to do it there because it’s a special place for them. “

Love to hear that. When you know, you know! Why are you waiting ?!

And really marriage Was A last minute thing! Insiders have provided key details about how the couple’s carjacker’s reputation has been completely preserved before their court promises:

“Everyone in Courtney’s family was busy on Sunday and it was the last minute. They have decided to keep only Courtney’s grandmother, MJ, and Travis’ father on her behalf for Santa Barbara’s wedding. MJ was very happy and thought Courtney and Travis were really in a match and in love. “

That’s great!

Still, it looks like the A-list couple’s upcoming wedding in Italy will be a much more fulfilling affair.

Insiders have teased the future high point of Cravis’ love story by limiting their candid convoys with outlets:

“Courtney’s big wedding will have the whole family and that will be at the top. She is very excited. It will be a great moment with all her sisters, family, friends and family and friends of Travis in Italy. They look forward to bringing their fun, fun families together. Courtney’s family is devastated. “

Well, we can’t wait to see it!

Still, this thing is definitely clever with Scott. One must always move carefully around the co-amount of anxiety!

What do you think is the most reasonable solution, Perezcious reader?

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