Scott Disk’s reaction to Courtney Kardashian’s marriage has worried fans

Over the weekend, Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married in a small, private ceremony in Santa Barbara.

This was not the couple’s first trip down the aisle – Travis and Courtney exchanged vows in Vegas last month, but they weren’t. Legally Married until this week.

The news is certainly not surprising.

Courtney and Travis got engaged again in October, and they are posting nonstop PDAs on social media for the fullness of their relationship.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are celebrating in Vegas

So Courtney’s most high-profile ex, Scott Disk, certainly wasn’t spared by this latest development.

But that doesn’t mean he was mentally prepared for it.

Scott did not explicitly address Courtney’s glad tidings, but some fans believe he conveyed his feelings in a non-indirect way.

Scott and Son

On Sunday, just hours after news of Courtney and Travis’ wedding broke, Scott took to Instagram to share the photo above.

“Just me and my son,” he captioned the photo.

The photo shows Scott and his son enjoying the view from the backyard of Rain Disk.

Scott Disk in Hulu

Again, in no way did Scott Courtney comment directly on the situation, but many commentators saw the post as a way to express his feelings.

“Oh Scott, it’s nice to see you focusing on yourself and your family right now,” wrote one person, according to the UK tabloid. The sun.

“You’ll pull through this Scott,” added another.

Scott Disk has been happy

“Just keep spending time with your kids,” wrote one third.

Needless to say, Scott’s followers are reading a lot in this post, and may not be there as much as they think.

But it is reasonable to conclude that Disk is having a difficult time following the news that the mother of his three children has officially married.

Scott is going through the disk

Scott described Courtney as “the one who ran away” and confirmed that his reluctance to tie the knot was one of the primary issues of contention during their relationship.

Its the latest episode Kardashians Scott has expressed frustration at not being invited to Chris Jenner’s birthday and complained that he thinks Courtney’s family abandoned him a few months before he started dating Travis.

This may sound like an absurd allegation, but it’s important to remember that Scott has been with Courtney for almost ten years.

Courtney Kardashian with Scott

They have three children together and Scott’s own parents have died, so the Kardashians are really the closest thing to a family.

Of course, Disk didn’t always use Courtney well when they were together, and that meant the cards would remain loyal to Courtney.

Scott doesn’t really have a reason to complain, but it does mean he’s not thrilled with the way he’s been unwittingly thrown aside.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis

And if he was really happy for his ex, he would probably share his feelings on Instagram somehow.

After all, Scott was in the spotlight long enough to know how to explain his silence.

Hopefully, he personally congratulates Courtney and Travis – and with any good fortune, Scott and Court will soon be able to resume the civic co-parent relationship they have enjoyed for so many years.

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