Search for missing child of murdered couple after 40 years! She was dropped off

Some answers to a mystery created over decades are being found!

Holy Mary Klaus She went missing 40 years ago after her parents were murdered, and now she’s here Finally Located!

On Thursday, Texas First Assistant Attorney General, Brent WebsterRevealed that he and a team of investigators tracked down Holly, now 42 years old. Officials have now learned that as a “child” he was dropped off at a church in Arizona by two women barefoot and dressed. They are said to belong to a nomadic religious group. Webster explained:

“They point to the separation of male and female members in their religious beliefs. Practice vegetarianism and don’t use or wear leather products. “

The women also indicated that they had previously left a child, leaving them in a laundromat. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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According to the First Assistant Attorney General, this religious group has been seen in the past. They were asked to travel between Arizona, California and possibly even Texas, he continued:

“This religious group was found around the Yuma area in the early 80’s.”

Now, it is unclear how this religious group captured Holi, but it certainly seems suspicious, at least to us! You see, Holly’s biological parents Tina Gayle Lynn Klaus17, and Harold Dean Klaus Jr.21, disappeared in Texas in 1980. Remains of their slain bodies were found in a jungle area of ​​Houston the following year, but their identities could not be determined at that time.

But in late December 1980 or early January 1981, their family received a phone call from someone who identified himself. Sister Susan. He claims he is calling from Los Angeles and wants to return Tina and Dean’s car to their family, according to Webster, who added:

He further added that Tina and Dean had joined their religious group and no longer wanted to communicate with their families. They also gave up all their property.

He allegedly demanded money in exchange for the car. The families met Sister Susan, two other women, and possibly a man, at the Daytona International Speedway Racing in Florida, the official continued:

“Again these women were dressed and seemed to be members of this religious group.”

Hmmm. That definitely sounds like a weird connection! Did this religious group have a hand in the deaths of Tina and Dean? Or do they at least know what could happen? And how did they come to occupy Holly? It’s all very confusing, even to those who are investigating. Webster requested at the press conference:

“We are asking the people for help because we have not been able to solve this particular crime yet. We are still searching for the suspects. “

One reason Holly’s whereabouts could take so long to determine is that last year the case went cold until Tina and Dean’s remains were identified using genetic heredity. Even then the authorities did not know what happened to their daughter. The Office of the Texas Attorney General An investigation into Holly’s case began in January 2021, and a cold case unit was launched in March 2021. So, after they started working again, they were able to track him very quickly!

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As you can imagine, Tina and Dean’s family members are relieved to know that the couple’s children are alive and well. On Tuesday Holly was informed of the identities of her biological parents and relatives and she has already spoken to members of her biological family in a virtual conference call. They are expected to meet in person soon. Her grandma, Donna CassantaThe press release said:

“Holly is looking for a birthday present from heaven since we found her [Dean’s] Birthday I have been praying for an answer for over 40 years and the Lord has revealed some of it. We have found Holly. “

Sherry Lynn GreenHolly’s aunt, added:

“After finally being able to reunite with Holly, I dreamed about her and my sister Tina last night. In my dreams, Tina was lying on the floor, rolling around and laughing and playing with Holly as I saw them many times when they were with me before moving to Texas. I believe that Tina is finally resting in peace knowing that Holly is reuniting with her family. I am personally very relieved to know that Holly is alive and well, and she has been well cared for, but it is also broken. That child was his life. “

An investigation into the murder of Holly’s biological parents is still under investigation. Anyone with information should contact the Texas Attorney General’s Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit. [email protected]

[Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children & Identifinders International]

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