Secret The View Drama! Meredith Vieira says the cast hated that Star Jones was not

Some of its former cast members Scene Apparently not very happy with the way Star Jones Back in the day he was dishonest about losing weight!

Original co-host Meredith Vieira, Joy Bihar, Debbie Matenopoulos, And reunited on Thursday’s episode to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Star Day talk show. The women touched on a range of personal issues – including the 60-year-old television personality revealing how she was more open about her mental and physical health struggles while working on the show.

The star admitted in the episode:

“I am sorry that I was not strong enough to admit that I was depressed and really ill about my health. I’m really sorry I wasn’t there. “

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As you may know, the attorney has been outspoken about fighting his weight since he left Scene In 2006. But Starr admits that she has kept her mental health issues hidden from listeners and even her customers on the day-to-day TV juggernaut for years.

During the reunion, Joy recalled:

“I remember you saying to me, ‘If someone said,’ Star, you have to lose weight, you’re unhealthy. ‘ And I said, ‘Star, if I told you that, you would cut off my head’ and you said, ‘Yes, I would!’

Meredith then cuts off, sharing how hard it was to hurt the star:

“We were worried.”

While on the show, Starr underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003. However, he never disclosed the details Scene And instead claiming her weight loss has been due to a “medical intervention”, promoting diet and exercise benefits. He did not reveal the truth until 2007.

And that apparently leaves his co-host Too much Shocked! In fact, Meredith spread the word that they hate to lie to everyone:

“Honestly, [we were] There was some anger in the dialogue because we felt, ‘It’s not honest.’ We talked about being honest women on this show, and we stopped being completely honest with each other, which wasn’t good. “

Joy agrees with the 68-year-old broadcast journalist, adding:

“She was in denial and we had to pretend it was something else. We didn’t like it. We were told, ‘Well, you have to be an actress,’ and it’s like, ‘We don’t get paid for being an actress.’ We were uncomfortable with that. “

Despite the depressing situation for women, Joy praised the author for how much she has grown since then:

“You’ve grown a lot since then. It’s good that you’ve come this far. “

And so many years later, Starr looks back on that experience in a positive light:

“My biggest achievement is that I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been.”

Glad that the four women have finally been able to be more open about this!

You can see the full reunion moment (below):

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