Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Trailer: New Drama, New Couple, New Debate

Seeking Sister Wife Ready for your first appearance in Season 4?

This polarizing TLC reality show started a race for a new episode on June 6, a season that put a sour taste in the face of many viewers due to the very annoying allegations against Dmitry Snowden.

Snowden is gratefully dropped from the series (and hopefully the planet in general), but Garrick and Daniel Maryfield are featured prominently in this extended trailer.

Wanted 6

As the years go by, the couple have been monogamous for almost a decade … until Garrick realized that God was asking him to transform it into a plural marriage lifestyle.

The couple, who shared two sons, then discovered the Brazilian native Roberta online and chose him in practice. Divorce To move forward with the relationship despite the concerns of Daniel’s mother and father.

In Season 4, Maryfield will try to include Roberta in their family from afar – while they are still in a relationship. Other Colorado back home partner

Wanted 7

“We need Bert to be 100 percent on the board,” Daniel explained in the footage, as the Maryfields bring their potential third wife, Leah, into their unusual romance.

Roberta, for her part, is not inferior to the polygamous system, at one point telling Garrick that as far as he was concerned he did not allow “any kisses.”

Daniel melts away under the pressure of a complicated relationship and admits to Robert that he made the “second guess” of their decision to bring him into the relationship, adding:

“I can’t believe you. It’s been so hard.”

Wanted 1

Elsewhere, Sidian and Tosha Jones will return to the show, this time following Filipino beauty Queen Ariel, as Sidian describes Ariel as “the most perfect face, one perfect body.”

It doesn’t sit well with Tosha’s mom, as you might expect.

He said in the campaign that he was “not a fan” of his daughter’s situation.

Heck, Sidian admits “Ariel could be out of my league” before even meeting him in person in the Philippines.

Want 2

For new couples in the new season?

A trio of polygamous families including Steve and Brenda Foley will be introduced … who have previous experience with polygamy and are starting their journey again, this time with a very young potential sister-in-law.

Although it is at least part of the Seeking Sister Wife course.

We’re not sure if the same can be said of newcomers Nick, April and Jennifer Davis.

Wanted 3

Both April and Jennifer, you see, consider themselves Nick’s wives … yet the two women are legally married to each other … and they both take Nick’s last name.

In Season 4, we see that when the 21-year-old April settles into the family, the teenage son Preston gets upset.

And that’s not all!

Wanted 5

According to a TLC press release:

“Colorado-based ThruPal is also joining Daniel.

“The new relationship seems to be going well until some unexpected surprises appear along the way. Daniel will have to question whether he really wants it.”

Watch the trailer of Crazy Seeking Sister Wife now!

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