Selina Gomez jokes about ‘revealing’ love with SNL cast members while hosting

Selena Gomez Bring a smile Live Saturday night!

The 29-year-old actress finally took to the Studio 8H stage to host the weekend for the first time – and surprisingly, she nailed it!

Kicking at night, SNL Illuminated Johnny Depp And Amber Hard The trial is open to the cold, in particular, the moment where Caribbean pirates The actor claims that his ex-wife defecated in bed after the 2016 argument. Ch-ch- check what goes inside the courtroom (below):

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During her inaugural monologue, Selina expressed her gratitude for her debut on the hosting as she watched the show with her mother and has come a long way since the beginning of her career. Barney. However, the singer mentioned that she was most excited to take the reins SNL Because she is unmarried and looking for a little romance in her life! Yes, she wants to find love like Ket! Kind of good. Selina explains that she is looking for love like the cast members Colin Joast And Pete DavidsonAvailable with, respectively Scarlett Johansson And Kelly machine gun. LOLz! So of course, the cast has started queuing up to volunteer for Gig. See who Selena potentially chooses – listen to one too Barney Theme Song (below):

Elsewhere in the episode, Selina and the cast have leaked the recently leaked video from Broadway Play. Take me out Which Jesse Williams A.Appeared completely naked. Kenan Thompson He got up on the stage to introduce the play A storm inside, Warns everyone that if they post a clear picture from the scene of the event online, they will “lose gender.” And then, in an unexpected twist, he shares that the entire cast contains COVID so the play will be served by all the principals who have only 30 minutes to prepare. What could be wrong ?! See what happens (below):

Very funny !!!

Melissa Villasener And Selina killed in this sketch! This pair depicts two friends hosting A peek at Pico Who constantly interrupt and dismiss their guests. Oh, and they’ve changed to “it’s sad” or “it’s good” depending on the news. Check it out (below):

Selina shared the episode with a musical guest for the first time this weekend Post Malone. For his first performance, he brought along Roddy Rich To serve them new songs, Cooped up. He later returned to the stage to deliver the track Love / hate letter to alcohol With Fleet FoxRobin Pecnold. Check out the great performance (below):

Viewers weren’t the only ones watching the 26-year-old rapper! Post Malone also appeared in the sketches, where he and Punky Johnson Portrayed its “intuition” Chris Red And Selena, who played a couple worried about being cheated. He then pops up on a wild and ridiculous skit, where he breaks down while playing next to a child. Boen Young And Sarah Sherman. (Random FYI, the post is going to be a parent soon, so it must have been appropriate!) See both moments (below):

What did you think of Selena’s hosting debut, Perezius Reader? Let us know your feedback on the comments! Also, you can ch-ch-check the rest of the night’s sketches (below):

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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