Shakira and Gerard Pique have confirmed the split between the cheating allegations!

It’s official. Shakira And Gerard Pique After 11 years together they are going their separate ways.

According to People, The 45-year-old singer-songwriter and football player announced in a joint statement on Saturday that they have decided to give it up. The current ex-couple says:

“We are sorry to hear that. We want privacy for the benefit of our children right now, who are our highest priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect. “

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The breakup came just days after rumors began circulating in Spanish outlets Newspapers, Which claimed that Shakira caught Gerard in bed with another woman and thus kicked her out of their house. Alas! He is said to be living in his old bachelor pad in Barcelona and away from there The hips do not lie The artist and their two sons – 9 years old Milan And 7 years old Sasha – It’s been several weeks now. Internal Laura Fa Told the outlet:

“The singer has caught up with the others and they are going to be different.”

Speculation spread after people noticed his latest single Congratulations, Released in April (which is when he stopped posting pictures with Gerard on social media), apparently hinting at scandal. Lyrics:

“I tore you to pieces. They warned me, but I did not listen. I realized that everything you have is fake. That straw was the camel’s back. Don’t tell me you’re sorry, it sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you’re lying. Congratulations, great performance. ”

Damn !!! He did not hold back his feelings.

Neither Shakira nor Gerard has addressed the issue of alleged betrayal – but we cannot deny that these lines speak well of what happened between them! However, he has accepted Twitter When the split news broke on Saturday morning to share a picture of her father kissing her on the cheek, she said:

“Friends, I am receiving many messages of concern that I was recently seen in an ambulance in Barcelona. I just wanted to let you know that these pictures were taken last weekend (the 26th), when my father unfortunately fell ill and I took him to the hospital in an ambulance where he is recovering. “

Oh no! It was definitely a difficult time for Shakira.

As you may know, he and Gerard first met in 2010 while filming a music video for his song. Waka Waka (this time for Africa) And then in 2011 their relationship came to light. Although the two have kept their romance relatively secret for the past 11 years, he did appear Planet Widow with Holy H. Podcast in February, where he first hinted that problems were being created on the horizon! The Whenever The hitmaker shared at the time that they often do not see the eye in terms of punctuality, which often leads to some arguments:

“My poor husband, boyfriend, slash baby daddy, whatever name you want to call him, he’ll have to wait so long for me. She is tired of waiting. ‘Because Colombian time is like Catalan time, not Spanish time.

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