Shanna Mokler shares mysterious post about ‘communal’ D ** after Matthew Rondeu

Shanna Moaklar Being mysterious with the apparent criticism of her ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau!

The fall of the pair has been dramatic – to say the least – for months now. Of course, among those recent issues are serious allegations of domestic violence in the turbulent relationship. There was even a (brief) report that Shanna was pregnant, although that possibility was later strongly ruled out.

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Now, the model is talking out Instagram, And his commentary is both mysterious and eye-catching! On Wednesday night, the 47-year-old went to his IG store to release a warning message about “communal d ** k”. He did not mention Rondeau by name, or anything else, but the clear subtext of the message would seem to be a pretty cut and dry allegation of cheating ?!

Posted to his account, ex Miss USA Runner-up shared a pink GIF that flashed a two-word warning about his apparent state of mind at the time:

“Today’s mantra …”

And below that, she Really Delivery of goods. Calling on an unnamed alleged fraudster, Mokla advised others to move on from betrayal:

“Communal d ** k is not the price of an emotional response. Stop putting pressure on a person who can’t be you because he wants to be with everyone.”

Here’s a screenshot of the whole thing:

Shanna Mokler has shared a mysterious post about 'communal' after Matthew Rondeau split .!
Shanna is definitely giving someone a shadow! / (C) Shanna Mokler / Instagram

All right then!

Can the 29-year-old be unfaithful to them when they’re together ?! And is he only now finding out about the alleged activity? Or maybe he just felt the need to share randomly … because ??

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Perezcious readers will recall, as well as Shanna and Matthew’s controversial (current-ex) connection, the ex Playboy The model is clearly feeling some kind of feelings about her ex-husband, Travis Barker.

In late April, we reported on how Rhode Island residents still feel Blink-182 The drummer, an insider at the time, reveals:

“Shanna is still in love with Travis. She keeps saying that she is not but her friends know that she is still in love with him because he talks endlessly about her. They tell her to stay out of Courtney and Travis’ business and not make any plays, but she rarely listens. “

That formula continues from there, bringing Travis’ chemistry Courtney Kardashian In the picture:

“Every time news breaks about Courtney and Travis, he gets angry – because of his feelings for her. She also hates the fact that her kids spend so much time with the Kardashians and they enjoy it. “

So with Shanna’s latest IG Stories message that might be about, we’re fairly sure Travis No. “Communal d ** k” he is addressing! LOLz!

Feedback, fan reader ?? In the comments (below) your take off sound with Shanna Shady Sharing!

[Image via Shanna Moakler/Matthew Rondeau/Instagram]

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