Sherry Shepherd’s Surprising Response to Wendy Williams Blasting TV Show

Sherry Shepherd Understand why Wendy Williams Not very happy with him.

The 55-year-old new organizer said Sherry Shepherd Show Open in one Instagram Live The weekend streaming session, and was surprisingly clear – and enthusiastically understood – all revolved around the former host of public drama and debate Wendy Williams show.

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Of course, Perezius readers will wonder how Wendy didn’t keep quiet about being replaced by Shepherd on the TV lineup during the day. On Saturday, the 57-year-old former Diba sat down for a new interview Fat Joe Where he explained why he wouldn’t check in to see Sherry’s version of the show!

At one point in the long chat, Wendy told the rapper:

“I won’t look at him because I know what he’s going to do and it’s not really my thing. You know what I’m saying? But I love, I love being on my own show. And I like that people like to see it, you know, always. “

That’s great! Shadow!

You can see all of Wendy’s comments – including her insistence that Fat Joe return to host a talk show – in this hour-long clip of her IG:

Naturally, fans immediately wanted to know what Sherry thought about all this !!

Fortunately, his own time Instagram Live In a video posted later this weekend, Sherry Wendy responded to a fan asking for her in a statement. Be honest And Gentleman, Sherry says she fully understands why Wendy doesn’t want to tune in:

“I heard Wendy say she wouldn’t see me on the new show. And that’s okay. You know, I understand. I’m not mad at Wendy. He’s going through a lot. “

The new TV host adds his belief that “everyone should pray for Wendy” after the last few months of controversy, including TV excitement and reported health issues.

Sheri added:

“I’m worried. I’m really worried for her because I don’t think anyone out there is protecting her. And it’s really hard when there’s no protection around you. But I’m not mad at Wendy because she won’t watch my show.”

An IG Live commentator then asked the question Call your mother The actress whether she and Williams were friends before this talk show situation.

Sherry replied, “Two.” Was Sherry had been “very friendly” with each other before SceneBut they didn’t really have a very close connection:

“We don’t run in the same circles because I live in LA and Wendy lives in New York.

Wisdom! Sometimes it goes like this.

Nevertheless, Sherry wanted to make it very clear that she hopes for the best in Wendy’s future health and well-being:

“She’s OK. There’s a lot going on in Wendy’s life [is] Pray. “

There’s nothing you can do about it right now, especially if you’re not in Wendy’s circle of friends and confidants.

Feedback, fan reader? Is this really taking care of Sherri?

Sound off down in comment (below).

[Image via The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube/WENN]

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