Show baby bump in body-positive photoshoot with Lorraine Shannon sisters

Last month, Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon welcomed the twins through a C-section with her husband, Josh Ifard.

The parents of four children were very calm about this pregnancy and still could not confirm, well, something including the birth.

However, Lorraine knew it would not be a secret forever.

Just a few months before welcoming her newborns, she opened her baby bump for an inspirational photoshoot with her sister and others.

Overwhelmed by Lorraine Shannon and Alana Thompson

In February 2022, Lorraine joined her sister, Alana Thompson, and Jessica Shannon for a photoshoot.

They were not the only participants who emptied their torsos for body-positive projects.

Photographer Kelly Leverett wanted to help show that not all companies like them on Instagram, or even look at them.

Lorraine Shannon Show Baby Bump in February 2022

“I believe every woman is beautiful,” Kelly Leverett said in a statement In touch weekly.

“And bringing awareness about the positivity of the body,” he continued.

Kelly explains: “So that women can feel empowered and comfortable on their own skin.”

Photo by Lorraine Shannon

Many of the photos featured in our included TikTok and Instagram videos show these local women in their bras and underwear.

There are also single pictures, where the women involved hold the symptoms, explaining how they feel about their bodies.

“My body looks like this,” explains Lorin’s mark, “because I’m a mother.”

Lorraine Shannon is mainly stressed

Jessica’s sign confirms: “There is no competition because no one can be mine.”

Meanwhile, Alana scolds: “If only I had her ass.”

Signs were written before the photoshoot, which meant the models were brought into space.

Lorraine Shannon is unpleasantly shocked

Less than three months after the photoshoot, Lorraine was no longer pregnant.

On May 19, she underwent a C-section to remove twins, a boy and a girl.

The newborn girl weighed six pounds, which is the average weight. The boy weighed five pounds, four ounces, just below the average range.

Alana Thompson and Lauren Shannon are waiting for their surprise

Most importantly, the children and Lorraine are healthy and well.

A C-section is a big surgery, and giving birth to twins is no small thing.

Fortunately, she gave birth in a hospital that specializes in high-risk births.

Lorraine Shannon retreats in fear

Lorraine and Josh didn’t actually discuss any of this, as we mentioned earlier.

They did not confirm the birth of their twin children or that Lorraine was pregnant.

Perhaps the revelation of this photoshoot will change that, but Lorraine certainly deserves her privacy.

Lorraine Shannon has heard some disturbing news

It could be that the family is hoping to promote it on the show, Mama June: The Road to Redemption.

Reality TV is also known for covering things up as families cover life events from relationships to pregnancy.

The long turnaround time (a good part of one year on average) between reality television filming and broadcasting means that there is plenty of time for news to be leaked.

Lorraine Shannon is furious

Lorraine and Josh didn’t touch the news of the pregnancy, but Mama June did.

He did not confirm or deny that Lorraine was pregnant, but simply admitted that the last thing he needed was another child for his 22-year-old daughter.

That, of course, is true. Lorraine became a mother at a very young age, but June herself was still a child when she gave birth to her first child. Generation change is sometimes slow.

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