SI swimsuit cover model Yumi Nu jokingly applauds Jordan Peterson

Look Yumi Nu She has already won this battle before even lace up her gloves. But it’s still fun to see him dance to victory.

If you miss it, the conservative “intellectual” Jordan Peterson After the unprovoked attack, even by his own fans, got mainly dunked this week Sports illustratedChoice of swimsuit issue model, tweeted about Yumi – the first Asian plus-size model to score cover:

“Sorry. Not pretty. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Yes. Obese. As we have said, the internet has already given her a new lease of life because her little idea about her beauty was not some immovable value that was objectively tied to thinness but in fact it was a fairly modern one. You know, the things that an educator thinks you know.

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Oh, and Yumi herself implicitly mentions that in the very cover story she still doesn’t understand the “dumb, angry guy on the internet” she was talking about. Ambitious

But after the dust settled (and Peterson swore to go home with his smooth brain because Twitter He was meant to be), Yumi declared victory with little Nicki Minaj Lip sink! He posted a video Tick ​​tock In which he gave face Itty Bitty Piggy Lyrics:

“I mean, I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point. Like, leave. It’s me, I’ve won, you’ll lose! ”


y _yumi_nuanyways টি ET BT Piggy – Nicki Minaj – Spencer Golding

Yassus! Sometimes you just have to hit the right back at a blow!

[Image via Yumi Nu/Instagram/TikTok/British GQ/YouTube.]

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