Singer Nicole Serrano emerges as a lesbian, revealing that she was ‘forced to pray’

Singer / songwriter Nicole SerranoWhose songs have been featured on hit shows Gray’s physiology And Sell ​​the sunsetAfter being in the closet for years, he is opening his mouth about his sexuality!

I’m talking People On Thursday, Nicole revealed that she is proud of being a 33-year-old lesbian and is not afraid of the effects of her most authentic lifestyle:

“I just want to live my life. I just want to be happy. And in a way, I want to scratch people who don’t want to love me for who I am. “

Love it!

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Already it seems as if a burden has been lifted from her shoulders now that she accepts and loves herself for what she has, she adds with a smile:

“I’m much more enjoyable now because I don’t hate myself.”

It was especially challenging for Nicole to come out after growing up in a religious family and making a name for herself after working with the top artists in Christian music. Chris Tomlin And Matt Maher. But she knows she’s been a thing of the past for girls, especially after waking up a lesbian. Little mermaidAerial Nicole Reflect:

“I just thought she was so pretty. But from a young age I knew this crash was not normal. I knew I shouldn’t tell anyone. I knew I shouldn’t feel that way because no one else did. I just knew I shouldn’t talk about it. “

When he was 11, he finally told his mother that he thought she was gay, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out:

“I went to a church that told us that homosexuality is a sin. [He] Prayed for me and basically tried to pray for homosexuals. “

As you can imagine, it just made her feel bad:

“I didn’t really know what the big words meant, but I knew how I felt about my classmates or my classmates. Was not All right. I felt pain. I really wanted to be a good kid, you know? “

A. So heartbreaking. She has been fighting her sexual orientation personally for the past few years, creating “shame” when no one was safe to talk to her, noting:

“I have always been in love with my friends. I didn’t want them to feel weird. But I’ll have a sleepover and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I kissed my friend, or my friend kissed me.’ It was very crowded and there was a lot of shame around and there was no one to really talk about. “

In college, she continued to do what she could to feel more “straight”, she revealed:

“I really believed that if I spoke straight after dressing up, no one would know. I’ve dated all the qualified bachelors I’ve met. “

But even dating the hottest guys she couldn’t find! He added:

“I was dating really attractive men where I was, ‘I’m definitely not straight if it doesn’t work’.”


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At age 28, Nicole began to feel more optimistic that she would one day survive and be proud. Much of this was due to the way the world was changing around him, especially as he began to see other strange people being welcomed into different churches. The singer mentioned:

“I finally accepted myself, but it took a long time. It’s a long road full of a lot of processing and a lot of religious trauma. But I’m here. “

This long journey of self-acceptance is now being used as the inspiration for his music. He just released a new track, Nice to meet youWhich he wrote after deciding to truly survive:

“Songwriting has always been therapeutic. This is how I work with my own life. Nice to meet you A song I wrote one morning when I woke up and said to myself, ‘I don’t care anymore.’ I needed everyone to know. I really wrote it as part of my own healing. “

And while he didn’t think about it when he wrote the track, he is now optimistic that his music can help others accept themselves and even reach out to others:

“I didn’t even consider it to be a song that anyone could use. That will be the honor of my life. “

How beautiful! Listen to special songs for yourself (below)!

Love it!

Many in the LGBTQ + community may relate to this same struggle to get out of the religious environment. We like how she shares her story with others that she is finally confident in her skin. Feedback, fan reader? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Nicole Serrano/YouTube]

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