Snatching changes everything! TikToker has raised $ 200k for Uber drivers

One Tick ​​tock The star is giving it to her Uber The driver, who helped him after an unfortunate experience Kochella.

Influential Dr. after snatching the music festival last month Beka Moore Decided to give back to the man next to her in a difficult time. How is that? Well, she has encouraged her more than 878,800 followers on social media platforms to help raise thousands of dollars to help her two family members with cancer. Amazing!

It all started when the social media star was attending a private party in Kochella with other influential people, and someone went through his bag and stole his phone and credit card. As he left the bash, he realized he had nothing. He said ABC7:

“I went to check my phone and I didn’t have one, and you know what else I don’t have?” My car key or my credit card – so I’m stuck. “

Oh no! Eventually, he returns to his hotel, where they call an Uber for him the next morning. And that’s when he meets an unexpected hero: his Uber driver Raউলl Torres. As he described his now-viral ticket to the situation:

“It simply came to our notice then. After I got in his car, I pretended that everything was fine, but he insisted on staying with me because he had an instinct that I needed help. “

When Beka explained in the video that all she wanted was to get a new phone and get the whole thing done, Raউলl apparently wouldn’t let this go. No! Instead, he helped her file a police report, catching something Starbucks To keep him calm, he went with her to get a new rental car and was able to find her phone even when the police would not help.

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It was truly a heartwarming, inspiring story to lend a helping hand to a kind stranger. As Beka wrote GoFundMe:

“It simply came to our notice then. We had a wonderful day with a new friend. He picked me up at 10 in the morning and stayed with me until I got what I needed to get home at 6 in the evening, which he should have done all day. “

Raul informed KSQ That he is more than “happy” to help Beka, explains:

“I am just happy to be able to help him. You know what I mean. It’s weird but you know I couldn’t leave him there because he didn’t know anyone there so I had to help him. “

Following their adventures, the two decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for some food and margaritas. There, the social media personality learns of his family’s struggles. He told TikTok that Raoul was helping his teenage daughter Myra He is currently receiving chemotherapy and his father also had cancer. And when Dad was “not expecting anything in return”, he wanted to help her in some way because he was willing to end his “Uber trip that morning” to help her in spite of everything going on in her life.

So what does he do? Beca 28 April GoFundMe created to raise funds for any medical expenses of the Torres family and to help give Myra the best possible senior year. Unfortunately, Raউl’s father died the next day, and the cost of his family’s funeral also ended.

He initially set the target at $ 1,000 and it was met within an hour. But it did not stop there. Two weeks later, he raised over 234,000! That’s great! After dealing with the medical bill, he shared it with the unemployed ABC7 Raul hopes to open a taco shop to use the money left over. He then published on TikTok:

“When I was in the car with him, it seemed like we were paying close attention to my situation. We were just talking about getting my phone and things that didn’t matter. And he fully saw the fact that those who needed help, like his daughter and her father. “

If You Want to help, you can still Here!

In subsequent TikTok videos, he revealed that he and the Torres family had met one day to confirm how Raউলl regularly performed this kind of random act of kindness:

“She does it all the time. She helps everyone.” Thank God she treated me like a daughter that day. ”


Since then, he has been hanging out with family – even getting a necklace to match Myra and planning a trip to Ensenada, Mexico with them. Beka says:

“I love them. They’re stuck with me forever.”

This was fate. Undoubtedly, the two men were supposed to meet that day. You can check out Beka and Raoul’s amazing story (below):


Thank God she refused to leave me ???? Raul’s tick is @ buds4u559. You can also donate my bio to Fame !! Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Today you, tomorrow I !! # Tips for Rawls

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