SNL bids farewell to Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Eddie Bryant and Kyle Mooney

Its four stars Live Saturday night Enjoyed the final episode of their final season on the late night show – and they got a touching farewell to the finisher!

Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Eddie BryantAnd Kyle Mooney Everyone left the show after the season 47 finale on Saturday night, saying goodbye to fans and their co-workers along the way!

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Of course, all eyes were on Davidson, who rose to fame year after year and then reached another level of stardom after recently following a romantic relationship with a reality TV star. Kim Kardashian. But he was not the only one who was around SNL For a while! In fact, the other three are the longest-running players in the lineup: Davidson for 8 seasons, Mooney for 9, Bryant for 10, and McKinnon for 211 episodes in 11 seasons – more than any other woman. SNL History

During the show’s cold opening, McKinnon revisited the popular “Close Encounter” sketch, playing the character of Colin Raffer, who boarded a spaceship to leave Earth forever. Clearly emotional during the sketch and struggling to cry while giving his lines, McKinnon said at the end of the cold opening:

“Well, the world. I love you, thank you for staying with me for a while. Live from New York, it’s Saturday night. “

It was Davidson’s departure that drew the most attention, with a touching departure from his run-on. Weekend update Saturday in the final episode of the season.

During the episode, the King of Staten Island Star eclipse Weekend update As well as this Colin Joast And said:

“I never imagined it would be my life. At that time, I was just a skinny kid. No one knew what race I was. And now everyone knew I was white because I was so successful when I could hardly be seen working. Now look at me.” , I’m getting old like an old banana. “


And he added:

“I appreciate it Live Saturday night Always behind me. Thank you, Lorne, for never giving up on me or judging me, even when everyone else was and trusted me and allowed me to make a place that I could call home, with memories that will last a lifetime. So thank you guys. ”


In a letter posted by Paul Dave Cyrus‘Open an account Instagram On Saturday afternoon, Pete added:

Very touching!

Here are some highlights from the show (below), hosted by Natasha Leon And featuring its musical styling Japanese breakfastAnd featuring McKinnon, Bryant, Davidson and Mooney’s final on-air skits:

Love it!

And goodbye yourself:

So beautiful!

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[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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