Soccer star Andy Carroll was caught in bed with another woman a few weeks before he got married

Weekend football star Andy Carroll He came to Dubai to “get crush” his fiance By MukloIts Hen-Do (AKA Bachelorette Party). The former England striker, a huge star who originally signed a সাথে 35 million deal with Liverpool in 2011, has been engaged. The only way is Essex The star has been around for eight years, and they’re only five weeks away from finally telling me what to do. If they can survive the bachelor party …

The couple were all smiling as Muklo referred to their double trip as the adorable “STEN-do” (a combination of Hen-Do and Stag-Do), but the excitement was unfortunately short-lived …

Andy seemed to have a bit more fun (and a little more wine) during his celebration. Because the next morning he ended up lying in bed with another woman! And there is photo proof!

A. Snapchat In this week’s post, Carol appears to be sleeping with her face broken on a pillow, next to a blonde woman who wasn’t Billy!

Andy Carroll Snapchat in bed with the bar manager
(c) Snapchat / Taylor Jane Wilkey

As it turns out, the woman in the photo was the bar manager during Carol’s Wild Night Out Taylor Jane Wilkie. He uploaded a selfie with Billy’s fiance, along with a few more photos of the night, and they went viral right away.

Wilkie, however, quickly defended himself. Talked to The sunSays there was a lot of alcohol involved:

“It simply came to our notice then. We all went back to his hotel. There I, Andy and my female friend were. I didn’t sleep with her, it’s not like there were three of us in the room. It was a full day and night of drinking, we’ve been at Cove Beach since 12, it was really a drinking day. Andy was steaming, we were all drunk. “

Wait … then his friend was there too ?! Why didn’t he get a picture with his friend Carol? Hmmm.

The 27-year-old then went on to say:

“We went back to Andy’s hotel suite and we played some songs and he fell in bed and left. I was there with my friend until dawn and took the picture as a joke. Back home my peers were persuading me to loaddown so I took the picture for a laugh and sent it to them. Sex did nothing. It was just a little gossip. “

So … she didn’t sleep with him? And he took a picture with an unconscious man… where they both look naked হিসাবে as a joke? And what does he look like for his fianc who posted it on Snapchat? LOLs ?? Seriously ?!

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His “PrankA little further was taken when he also uploaded a photo of himself in the private attire of the four.

She had an excuse to wear clothes that she wanted to sleep on. He said he took off his clothes in the bathroom and wore the former West Ham player’s bathrobe for comfort.

But if it was really for convenience, then why did he go ahead to take a selfie by embroidering his name on the dress ?!

Andy Carroll dress worn by Taylor Jane Wilkey in hotel suite
(c) Snapchat / Taylor Jane Wilkey

You’re telling us the hotel didn’t offer পোশাক 500 casual wear per night? Should he wear it ?? Hmmm.

Carol TOWIE The star fianc posted her Instagram The story of an airport McDonald’s that he was leaving Dubai. There was no sign of the footballer in his stories, although it is known that he left Dubai yesterday and is “expecting a cold reception” from his bride.

He captioned the photo:

“What a way to end the best weekend ever …… .. #whentoonbecomeone”

Muklo Instagram Story by McDonald's Dubai
(c) Instagram / Billy Muklo

Remember, after these pictures came out! So we’re guessing “the best weekend ever” is ironic at this point ??

Neither Andy nor Billy publicly commented on their “sten-do” or its viral consequences after returning home. But we hope we hear about it soon! Like, tell me, five weeks from now ??

[Image via Instagram/Andy Carroll/Snapchat/Taylor Jane Wilkey]

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