Sophia Grace and Rosie make an amazing comeback to Ellen after 11 years!

Sophia Grace and Rosie Come back!

About 11 years (!!!) after singing Sophia Grace Brownlee And Rosie McCleland Their first appearance, Ellen DeGeneres His upcoming series brings them back before the final. As you may recall, younger cousins ​​were first invited to the once influential talk show in October 2011 after they went viral to recreate. Nicki MinajOf Super bus Only 8 and 5 years old. Sophia Grace and Rosie soon became headliners, appeared on the show 24 times, hosted their own segment called Tea Time, and even worked as a red carpet correspondent.

Eventually they grew out of the princess costume and split into a performing pair. But in honor of all the wonderful memories they have given us, the two are back for a final farewell! Looking back on their time on the show, Sophia Grace recalls an interview with one of her favorite memories. Drake A. GrammysSaying:

“He ate some of our sweets. I’m a big fan of her now. “

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Another great moment? Apparently, this was their first time on the show when he got to meet and perform with Nikki! Sophia Grace sprang up:

“Their door was there, and when they opened, I literally looked at each other, but he was coming out. And it was just chaos when I finally saw him. And it was great. “

For Rosie, she said it got a kiss on the cheek Justin Beaver A. Teen Choice Awards:

“Of course, at that time I was like, ‘Uh, a boy! He is kissing my cheek. ‘ And now, I think, ‘Oh my God, I’ll let Justin Bieber kiss you on the cheek again!’

And of course they couldn’t come back without a final performance Super bus! Check it out (below):

[Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube]

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