Stacey Schroeder claims that the stars were involved in other Vanderpump rules

It turns out that more people may be involved in racism scandals as a result Stacy Schroeder And Kristen Doubt Being fired from Vanderpump rules In 2020!

As you may remember, two reality stars were dropped Bravo When the series Faith Stowers They made racist remarks and accused him (the only black caste member) of a crime he racially profiled because he did not report it to police in 2018. At that time, Straight up with Stassi The host apologized for his actions after receiving a ton of feedback, saying in a statement:

“My racially sensitive remarks of the past have resurfaced. It is important that I continue to take responsibility for what I have said and done, pushing myself to do better. I grew significantly more than the person I was then and I am still full of remorse and remorse for the hurt I suffered. I am grateful for the people in my life who have been testing me and pushing me to become more educated. ”

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But after two years of controversy, Stacey is now sharing some new details about what has come down. During an interview Skinny secret frost and her In a podcast Friday, the 33-year-old revealed that he and Kristen were not the only ones involved in the scandal. Yes, he claimed there was another Vanderpump rules The stars who were a part of it! Stacey explained:

“I mean, I was friends with the cast members, everyone was there, I mean, they saw it … a lot of the other people were a part of what went down. Many more people were involved in the ‘incident’ in which I was fired. … And Kristen and I, obviously we didn’t want to take people down with us. So we were ‘lucky friends, those of you who didn’t get a call for it.’ So everyone was very kind because I think they were lucky that they didn’t, that they still had a job. “

What f ** k.

Although Stacey did not name a podcast episode, Max Boynes And Brett Caprioni The tweets, which included racial slurs, were also dropped at the time after the resurgence. Jacques Taylor And Brittany Cartwright The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with social media users calling for their dismissal for their alleged racist activities. As a quick refresher, Jacques Faith was charged with the same crime that Stacey and Kristen committed when a fan asked if he would continue. VPR:

“He’s asking the police for ‘Aoul’ from Grand Theft Auto and the military. Someone is going to jail. “

Brittany, meanwhile, was slammed by another follower who asked her to “address racism about Faith Stowers, called her hair a ‘nappy’, as well as call her to cooperate with the police?” However, he denied both allegations.

Faith had previously called on former co-stars for horrific actions against her after her cheating scandal with Jacques while dating Brittany. He remembers an incident Entertainment tonightSaying:

“The military also tried to arrest me or deport me because they thought I had gone to AWOL, not knowing that I had a respectable discharge paper that showed I had served my country for eight years. So they tried to take it from me too and then when it didn’t work, they said scandal night, when it all came out, shanner night. [Shay]Jacques’s car was lost from his home at his birthday party. They said I was the person who went to his house and did Grand Theft Auto, for example, I went and broke into his house and stole his car. So much so that they said it was hard to accept and I was really numb at that moment. “

So that’s it Clearly No secret that VPR There has been a serious problem with racism and ignorance for years. What do you think of Stassi’s claim, Perezcious reader? The following comments are harmful).

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