Star Marni Schullenberg has died at the age of 37

Soap opera actress Marnie Schulenberg Died at just 37 years old. Actress Joe Sullivan was best known for his character HuluOf Live a life Reboot with Alison Stewart As the earth revolves.

According to his representative Kyle Looker Of Industrial entertainmentMarni died Tuesday in Bloomfield, New Jersey, after being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2020. Diversity Her husband said, Jack RabidasAka Mark Ravenhead on InheritanceThrough his mourning FacebookSaying:

“Please don’t say that Marni lost her battle with cancer. That’s simply not true. I’ve seen her kick her ass every day since the diagnosis.”

She will be 38 on Saturday. Very sad

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Jack, who married Marni in 2013, went on to add:

“He’s incredible. We chose to attack his diagnosis with blind optimism. We just talked about the future and kept moving forward. I don’t know if it was right but we knew how to do it.”

Marnie reveals Instagram She was diagnosed with cancer on May 8, 2020, just five months after welcoming her daughter Fucking In December 2019. Reflecting on the dreaded health journey ahead of him, he writes:

“Jack and I were devastated and devastated. The story of the day we got married will never be the same. We must now adapt, be present and fight the king. “

And he fought! The Daytime Emmy-The nominated actress was able to stay with her family, especially her baby girl for two more years.

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Good fight Alum’s last post was uploaded to Instagram on Mother’s Day. She took a moment to reflect on her health condition as well as her views on motherhood. Sharing pictures of her mother and daughter, the actor made music:

“It simply came to our notice then. I was released late Friday night but had to be sent home with an oxygen machine. Being a 38 year old mom is not my ideal who needs an oxygen tank to survive in this moment. I want her to be strong and beautiful. I want to show her how to move around the world with compassion, strength, vitality, humor and joy, just like my mother showed me. “

He continued:

“I know that being here for her is the best gift I can give her, but at the moment it seems to be settling in as she gets her half-life version. My mom would show me 100% all day long for my growing up or at least it seemed like it. I want to give Koda the same but I must be kind to myself and remember that nothing lasts forever. “

See his full post (below).

Our hearts are broken for the loved ones of Jack, Coda and Marni. How terribly sad. He will be missed. RIP

[Image via Marnie Schulenburg/Instagram]

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