Stephanie Matto is now selling boob sweat, having stopped production because of the bear

90 days: single life Star Stephanie Matteo’s infamous “Fart Jar” business has been making headlines for months.

Now, he has a new initiative … which is feeding thousands of people every week without keeping him in the hospital.

Stephanie is selling her own “Boob Sweat”, detailing the process and business model on social media.

Of course, this line of work comes with some unexpected Bear-related Risk

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Rarely 90 day engagement The stars have so effectively monetized their fleeting reality TV fame.

Stephanie uses her platform to attract the attention of her only fans, later launching her own adult subscription service.

But delivering a real (or almost-tangible) product to unique customers helps it stand out.

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Stephanie opens up about her sweaty bottled initiative.

People sweat a little all day, but Stephanie spends about four hours a day by the pool working to get the right concentration of sweat.

It takes 15 minutes to make sweat jars individually and she says that every drop of sweat in them comes from her breasts.

Stephanie Matto for 90 Days: Single Life Season 2

Stephanie can fill ten bottles of sweat every day.

Jars are not cheap, going $ 500 for each.

He reportedly earns about 5,000 5,000 a week through this business.

Stephanie Mato can't help but react to what she hears

Stephanie shares a lot of what may be proprietary information (other business) because it is part of the appeal.

Intimacy, the idea of ​​knowing exactly what happens using his body to create the product he sells is basically part of the product.

It’s hard for most of us to understand, but to someone with a certain frustration, what they want is right. Also, some people have a lot more money and they will buy things for laughter.

Stephanie Matto in Lavender

Laughing, Stephanie recently had to take a break from her sweat production routine for safety reasons.

TMZ A video of a black bear was found in his backyard.

Although black bears are relatively small and infamous, it is best to go indoors without the risk of a collision.

Stephanie Matteo has an idea (preview)

The occasional visit to a bear is the solution to many potential problems in life: just stay home.

In fact, Stephanie says she’s considering installing a snooze so she can sweat without depending on the weather – or the absence of urine.

It sounds like a subtle solution that will definitely pay off.

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie’s other, more famous venture, selling “Fart Jars” to customers, made her so well-known that some people may not even be familiar with her. 90 day engagement.

However, that foul project kept Stephanie in the hospital, albeit for a short time.

Why? Sudden symptoms convince him that he has had a heart attack or stroke.

Stephanie Matto sells the Fart Jar in 2022

What actually happened was, of course, a very normal structure of digestive gas due to its flatus-producing diet.

In other words, he just had to shake, and he was in pain and fear before he knew what was happening.

When it first happens to adults, usually in their twenties or thirties, many understand why babies don’t cry. It’s not a good feeling … but it’s not a heart attack.

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