Steve Harvey has thought about ending his relationship with his daughter

TBH, we are still stunned Laurie Harvey And boyfriend Michael B. Jordan They have chosen to go their separate ways.

But while fans of the current-ex-couple are mourning the end of their relationship, at least one man – Laurie’s father, a radio and TV personality Steve Harvey – has taken an amazingly realistic approach to the whole situation!

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He spoke on Monday morning’s episode of Drive Time Radio On Steve Harvey Morning ShowThe 65-year-old star made his first joke He Even after the news of the breakup reached the world:

“I feel good. I’m fine. I still have to go to work. I still have to take care of my family.”


Jokes aside, he took the situation more seriously and did what good fathers do first – explain to the world that he got his daughter back no matter what:

“I team lorry 1,000 percent. She is my daughter. I love him, I support him. “

Good to hear!

Of course, r Civil strife Not ashamed in the past to comment on Laurie’s love life with the host Religion Even after the cast and the split, nothing seems to have changed in that regard.

Looking realistically after the young couple’s breakup, Steve explained that unless Lori and Michael both leave quietly and look to their future, all is well:

“Look, as long as everyone can go in peace, be friends … I haven’t heard anyone say they didn’t break any windows or anything. I will not curse what you do until you touch my daughter. থেকে From what I know he is still a quiet man. It’s a breakup. I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine. People break all the time. “

That’s true! People break up all the time! If the ex-couple is mature about it and reasonable enough to each other, then this is one of those things and you move on from there.

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Nonetheless, the presenter of the morning show could not resist making another joke about the situation. Referring to the history of his own relationship – the West Virginia-born star has been married three times – he wisely said that maybe Laurie had one or two things to teach him about divorce:

“If only I could break up without the cost factor! I started learning from my kids, get out early! I’ve been waiting a long time. “


That’s a good line. In that sense, Laurie must have done a good job of avoiding the courtroom-related aspects of getting it done before the legally binding marriage license came into the picture, we think.

What do you think about the love life of Steve’s newly unmarried daughter, Perezius reader ??

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