Steven Tyler is back in rehabilitation after his first relapse in more than a decade! Read on

Oh no! How heartbreaking!

Steven Tyler A drug has entered rehabilitation after relapse. Legend Aerosmith The singer was open about her struggle with addiction, which goes back decades. But it’s been so long since his last relapse that we never expected him to go through that again.

However, an unfortunate series of events led him astray again. The band released a statement on Tuesday explaining:

“As many of you know, our dear brother Steven has worked with his restraint for many years. After undergoing foot surgery to prepare for the need for pain management during the stage and procedure, she recently re-infected and voluntarily entered a treatment program to focus on her health and recovery. “

Oops. The painkillers of this prescription grip even non-users so easily.

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The stage they were talking about was for their upcoming tour of Dolby Live at Park MGM and the Las Vegas Residency. Sadly, all upcoming dates in Madrid, Paris, London and Seine City have been canceled. Aerosmith continued:

“We are really sorry to let our fans and friends know that we have to cancel the first set of Las Vegas Residency dates this June and July when he is focused on his recovery. We will continue our 2022 dates starting in September and we will keep you updated as soon as possible. We are devastated that we have embarrassed so many of you, especially our most loyal fans who often travel long distances to enjoy our shows. Thank you for your understanding and for your support of Steven at this time. “

Steven first returned quietly in 1988 after the band made an intervention for him. He recounted Hout Living Back in 2019:

“There was a moment in ’88 where the management and the band intervened. They thought, ‘Calm down the lead singer, all our troubles are over.’ So I calmed down and, you know, it took me many years to overcome their anger for sending me to rehabilitation while on vacation… but today, for that moment… I am grateful and thank you to them for the restraint. “

The Crazy The singer has still been struggling for years. He last sought treatment in 2009 for prescription drug abuse. From this statement it is heard that this is a similar situation.

Wishing Steven a speedy recovery and peace here!

[Image via Patricia Schlein/MEGA/WENN.]

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