Strange reason why Adam Sandler had a black eye on live TV during the GMA interview!

Adam Sandler There was a slight accident to myself before the pop up GMA This morning!

The The first 50 interviews The star sat down for a live interview with Good morning America Hosts in New York City on Monday, but before they get to the main topic of discussion – the star’s new movie Hurry up – They had to bring out one thing: Sandler appeared on the set with a big black eye!

But wait, what is it ?! Did he fight ??

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Thin smile as the presenter Michael Strahan Introduce Billy Madison The star, Sandler quipped that he had to talk about the injury because it was too noticeable for the home crowd. Noting the swollen and bruised area around his left eye and the nasty look cut beneath it, the 55-year-old star said:

“That’s something I need to discuss, isn’t it?”


Ummm yes, Adam. If you don’t mind, we want to All Nice to hear the story!

As the movie star explained, she tried to sleep in bed a few nights ago when she decided to take off her legs to take off the sheets under the mattress. Unbeknownst to him, his cell phone was at his feet, so when he kicked the bottom half of the sheet to loosen it, the phone flew – and landed on his face !!

Worryingly, Sandler explained that he immediately “felt the blood”, but he was tired, so he just said it and fell asleep for the night. The Happy Gilmore Alum published:

“I refused to admit it. I felt the blood and said, ‘Ah, something is happening, but I’m asleep.’ I fell asleep, I woke up … “

Oh no!

GMA Co-anchor George Stefanopoulos Move on to that moment with an exceptionally fun cut-in:

“This is the most extensive black eye story I’ve ever heard.”

Yes !!

With laughter from the whole roundtable, Sandler tried to return the ridiculous side. Desperately, he explained that the trauma was not as cool as it seemed to others, especially considering the tragic story of how it happened!

The Uncut gems The star says:

“There is something cool about this thing. It looks very cool. When I’m on the streets of New York, I see people going, ‘Oh, okay. He likes to fight, that’s the man. ‘ I think, ‘Ah, that was a bad accident.’

It’s a crazy story, but to be honest, we would expect it to be brilliant from a funny guy like Adam Sandler. He is a sheet kicker, not a fighter!

You can watch the full interview with Adam, where he explains the story of the black eye and then propagates it Hurry upClip (below):

More insanity! And here’s something even more crazy: this is actually the third time Sandler has appeared on TV with an accidentally black eye. Not really!

In 2014, Adam appeared Tonight show As well as this The first 50 interviews Co-star Drew Barrymore In her pregnancy. Sandler jokes with the host who came to set black eyes Jimmy Fallon That Drew was “not feeling well” behind the scenes and so he asked her to “take a look” to make sure the unborn baby was OK.

Adam drew a big smile from the audience as he explained that Barrymore’s unborn child was the cause of his facial injuries at the time:

“She is OK [sic]And I looked there, and this hand came out and went, ‘Boom!’

We never got to the real story of it, but we’re sure Drew was cool enough to prolong that little Phoebe. LOLz!

A year later, Sandler was the guest Jimmy KimmelOf Game night Time specially illustrated NBA Finals When he showed up again with a nasty wound around his eyes. That happened when Kimmel asked WTF That Time, Water boy The star explained that he was about to change a tire in his car when he saw a pickup basketball game. Not wanting to miss out on some shots, Adam joined in – just to make the disaster come faster!

Sandler told Kimmel:

“Some people didn’t call Pick and smashed my head, shattered my head and then I can’t lie about it. I came home with black eyes and had to tell the truth – then I paid a guy to change the tires. “


Three funny stories of black eyes in less than a decade! And this is more than us I know Because Sandler was present on TV immediately after the incident.

Adam only has to walk 24/7 with a football helmet.

[Image via GMA/YouTube]

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