Surprise! Ed Sheeran has announced that he has one more baby day after Super Fan

Ed Sheeran And its appearance is apparently on the same wavelength!

Thursday, d Shape of you The singer announced that he and his wife Cherry Seaburn Welcoming the second daughter, informing the fans Instagram That he is “a family of 4 people on the moon.”

It was a pretty big push, as you can see Grammy Nearly two years after Seaborne gave birth to their first daughter, the nominee and his wife kept it a secret that they were expecting a second child. Lira In August 2020.

While telling the world about her second birth, the 31-year-old took a page from her own playbook and recreated the announcement of Lira’s birth by sharing a small pair of beautiful knitwear in a basket.

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The superstar did not reveal the name of their new pleasure bundle, but suggested in the caption:

“I want to tell you all that we have another beautiful baby girl. We both fell in love with her, and there must be a 4x family on the moon. “


Interestingly, the news comes a few days after Teddy’s biggest fan, Amanda BaronReveals that she is having her first child with her boyfriend Tie Jones, Those who believe or do not work full time as an ed disguise (Click here to see the strange resemblance!)

Time to talk The sunEd Stan, 37, said he was introduced to the 27-year-old through friends who met him in a sheer gig. The two have been dating for a year.

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The mother of four told the outlet:

“I thought my friends were holding me when they told me to look. I’ve always wanted to go out with a guy, and now I’ve got the best – besides the real Ed, obviously. “

Ty admits in the publication that he has been fighting dating for years, sharing:

“If I have to weigh [women] Just interested in me because I’m the next best thing to Ed. But with Amanda, it’s been amazing. She’s the best. “

Now, the couple is looking forward to giving birth to a baby girl in July – and they hope she’s just as ad-obsessed as they are. Amanda says:

“We’re playing Ed’s songs to her, and we’re both hoping she’ll love him as much as we do.”

We have a feeling he will!

Congratulations to both happy couple!

[Image via Instagram/Graham Finney/WENN]

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