Tammy Slaton curses the critic: I will do what I want!

Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend.

A new, thinner figure.

But the same snarky attitude.

And thank God for that, isn’t it?

Slaton, T.

As previously detailed, the 1,000-pound Sisters star appears to have found love inside a rehabilitation facility, most recently jumping on a man named William Michael Mooney.

“I love you William Michael Mooney,” Slaton added this month, adding four diamond ring emojis, after his alleged soul mate changed his Facebook cover photo in a photo a few weeks ago.

Tammy did just that after Mooney hit his girlfriend on social media.

“Words can’t even express how safe and loving I feel with you,” Mooney wrote on May 18, addressing Tammy and adding: “I’m forever grateful for your love.”

Tammy Slaton, a close-up

How nice of these two, isn’t it?

Yes, we must say.

But some trolls on the Internet may not let others be happy, as evidenced by a comment by Slaton on Facebook a few days ago.

“Perhaps you should focus on losing weight instead of dating,” wrote some meaningful and judgmental person on the platform.

Tammy answers

But Slaton was not supposed to sit back and abuse.

“Maybe stay in your alley and think about your own bizarre self and don’t worry about what I’m going to do,” he countered.



Tammy Slaton and boyfriend

Muni has also faced some backlash for this relationship.

But he too has stood firm in the face of such trolling.

“How did it happen?” A follower asked Muni in May in the comments section of his own Facebook post, which confirmed his romance with Slaton.

“Are you trying to turn it into season 4 or something?” Ask the same person.

Tammy Slaton close up

“I don’t care about fame or influence,” Muni replied:

“I’ve been chasing him for almost four years now, and now I’m happiest year after year.

“I just want to see him succeed. I don’t care what he looks like; it pushes inside his chest which counts.”

“I want to help him through everything.”

Tammy Slaton videos still

We should all find someone who thinks that way about us, right?

In November 2021, Tammy entered a rehabilitation facility for her food addiction.

Shortly after his arrival, however, he experienced a serious health threat when he had difficulty breathing … He was rushed to hospital … and then placed in a medically induced coma before performing a tracheotomy that helped save his life.

Since then, Slaton has lost 115 pounds, according to his brother.

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

The most important and urgent?

She has been reported to be eligible (in the end!) For bariatric weight loss surgery, a procedure that doctors will refuse to perform on overweight patients.

Slaton has dropped below the minimum weight allowed for surgery, however, and will go under the knife sometime this summer.

We are so proud of her!

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