Tammy Slaton: Snatch! While in rehab!


That’s bad for Tammy Slaton.

According to The Sun, the 1,000-pound Sisters star suffered a brief break-in shortly after her rehab check to deal with her dangerous weight gain, and her sibling, Amy, moved into a new home with her husband. .

To put it bluntly, the break-in occurred when no one was actively living inside this Kentucky home.

Tammy Slaton in the TLC episode

“The burglar[s] The house must have been empty and collapsed, “a local deputy told the publication, adding that the incident took place sometime in late 2021 and added:

Unknown suspect (s) “kicked in the back door and stole [Tammy’s] Washers and dryers, as well as some furniture. “

The thieves have not yet been arrested, while police say Tammy’s neighbor also stole his / her pond.

Scary thing!

Tammy Slaton, a close-up

“Amy found the break-in when she went to check up on her old house,” The Sun Source continued.

“Amy sent pictures to Tammy. Valuables were stolen and there were signs of forced entry.”

The house was actually in the news a few weeks ago because Amy indicated that Tammy would be unable to rent it after renting out her own way through rehabilitation.

“Tammy’s social security provides it, it takes her full social security check, the show is not paying [for rehab]“Amy talked about getting professional help from her loved one.

“So I heard he doesn’t have a place to stay because he can’t afford the rent.”

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

Amy said she would let Tammy crash with her this summer after she came out of rehabilitation.

“She’ll be with me for a while when she comes out. She’ll be there as soon as we find a place,” Amy explained, adding:

“I’m not sure when he’ll be back, but I know he’s getting the help he needs. If he has to stay a year or two, that’s fine.

“She needs help.”

Tammy Slaton on the air

Fortunately, no one was hurt by these break-ins.

For his part, Slaton has remained in rehabilitation and appears to be actually improving there.

She seems to have a boyfriend, for one thing, which is very exciting and great.

Also, according to reliable sources, Slaton has finally qualified for bariatric weight loss surgery.

Tammy Slaton Rehab Photo

Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery, is an operation of the digestive system that helps the patient to lose weight quickly in extreme situations.

From what we’ve heard, Slaton will go under the knife for this procedure in Atlanta sometime in June.

He will probably be released from rehabilitation soon.

Will he return to the house that was stolen last year? Will he leave with Amy? Go somewhere else?

We’ll let you know as soon as possible!

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