Tammy Slaton will go through life-saving surgery. Finally!

In a word?


In multiple words, as they relate to Tammy Slaton and his ongoing journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle?

Oh, hack yes !!!!

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Loyal TLC viewers are well aware that Slaton has not been able to control his weight for several years now, even revealing the way to his tough party in the final of the 1,000-lb Sisters Season 3.

As unbelievable as it is, Tammy claims in this episode that he drank eight bottles of alcohol every week.

Simply amazing.

And very, very dangerous … when (obviously) going against professional medical advice.

Tammy Slaton on the air

Because of this eating and drinking habit, Tammy did not qualify for bariatric weight loss surgery a few years ago, a procedure that doctors would refuse to perform on overweight patients.

In contrast, Tammy’s sister and co-star, Amy, followed the doctor’s advice; To some degree his image transformed; And Was Approved for this surgery.

Amy was soon pregnant and is now expecting her second child.

This stands in stark contrast to Tammy, who is currently in rehabilitation in an attempt to turn her life around.

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But here’s the thing: he seems to have succeeded!

And as a result?

A friend has just told The Sun that Tammy has finally qualified for bariatric weight loss surgery – and will go under the knife in Atlanta next month!

(Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery, is an operation on the digestive system that allows the patient to lose weight quickly in extreme situations.)

Tammy Slaton on air

Since the start of the 1000-Lb Sisters three seasons ago, Tammy has been desperately trying to lose enough weight to qualify for a life-saving approach … but it was quite a challenge for her.

At the beginning of this second rehabilitation work, for example?

The Reality Star checked 639 pounds, which is far from the 400 pounds she weighed to get approval from doctors for this surgery.

The last we heard, though, was that Tammy lost 115 pounds after being in a medical-induced coma after suffering a significant health scare when her lungs collapsed in late 2021.

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

With all of her progress inside a rehabilitation facility these days, Tammy recently underwent a different type of operation … leaving her with a small breathing tube, Sun Insider also emphasized this week.

“He hates his trachea, even though it’s getting smaller,” the man said, adding that the device must have this outlet around Slaton’s neck to make it easier for him to breathe.

“Tammy has to wear part-time now.”

Things seem to be really looking for Slaton.

Tammy Slaton videos still

Overall, according to this formula?

Tammy has stopped drinking and smoking and this could be accomplished through complete rehabilitation in the near future.

“He is doing very, very well and he will be out of rehabilitation sooner than expected,” said the friend.

“Originally, he was going to be out by the end of August, but he was going to be out sooner than that.”

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