Tareq El Musa and Heather Rye Young caught fighting with his ex-wife Christina

So, such a big happy family talk was a lie then?

Just the day before Tareq El Musa And his ex-wife Christina Hack When their 6-year-old son was scared for life Braden Landing in the hospital for emergency surgery, the exes and their new partner were caught in a very public collision while playing football!

In the new photo obtained by Dailymail.comTareq’s new wife Heather Ray Young He was seen arguing with Christina on the side of a football field. Hack sat next to her new husband Josh HallWho held her son Hudson (Which she shares with her ex-husband Ant Anstead) Some more friends and their children were also nearby.

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Although the details of the conversation were not disclosed, it was clear that some of what was discussed was quickly disturbed Sell ​​the sunset The star, who leaned towards Christina in the middle of an argument before being photographed by her husband, took her away from the exciting conversation! Although he tried to keep the peace, Tareq was later caught abusing Josh! They even had a nose-cut during an argument to separate the child’s football coach! God! See photos here.

Heather was later seen sitting next to him HGTV They are looking annoyed! But why ?! It’s hard to know what co-parents could have figured it out about. Interestingly, they are all now trying to cover up the drama by focusing on Braden’s recovery.

As we have reported, Braden landed at the hospital on Sunday for an emergency appendectomy. He also removed his diverticulum. On Mother’s Day, Tarek, Heather and Christina all post about the scary situation and make a big deal about standing up for each other and putting Braden’s needs first. And, well, now over-the-top friendships make a lot more sense !! They really had to put a lot of focus away on what was important, and the good thing was that they were supposed to be able to do it!

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Fans update on Brayden’s recovery on Monday, Christina on the coast The star shared a picture of her baby coloring in her hospital room and mentioned the weekend drama:

“24 hours is stressful but a good reminder of how important team work / co-parenting is. We are all under stress but when it’s really important we were all there to play our part for Braden. Sometimes a scary situation is a good wake up call. Maybe. In the end, everything else is just ‘noise’, what about the kids. “

FYI, Tarek and Christina also shared an 11-year-old girl Taylor.

Tarek El Musa was caught trying to intervene with his wife, Heather Rai Young, a day before his son's hospital fears, along with his ex-wife Christina Hack and Josh Hall.
(C) Christina Hack / Instagram

Braden, a real estate agent, also took a picture during the visit and agreed, writing:

“We’ve just left the little man, he’s in pain but he’s a strong boy and he’s free today. We were all together as a family during this stressful time. Kids will always be a top priority for all of us! ”

Tarek El Musa was caught trying to intervene with his wife, Heather Rai Young, a day before his son's hospital fears, along with his ex-wife Christina Hack and Josh Hall.
(C) Heather Ray Young / Instagram

Great to hear! Braden is already at home with his mother and resting with his other siblings, so things are getting better on all fronts. Feedback, fan reader? Are you surprised to see these couples fighting ??

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Christina Haack/Instagram]

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