Tareq El Musa and Heather Rye Young Tees at a time when plans for a future baby were shattered

Tareq El Musa And Heather Ray Young Committed to co-parent – no matter how messy things are!

A few weeks after being headlined for a fight with his ex-wife Christina HackWith whom he shares Taylor11, and Braden7, talks to Tarek and his new wife ETOf Danny Direct On the red carpet MTV Film and TV Awards About how co-parenting with Christina goes despite last month’s drama. The 40-year-old father started sharing:

“We all work really hard and we try to make decisions in the best interests of the kids.”

They should!

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The Sell ​​the sunset The leadership agreed, insisting that Hack’s new husband and co-parents Josh HallWork hard to make sure kids are always number one and communication is very important, he added:

“Kids are always number one no matter what happens in your life. Talking through things, communicating and being happy for the kids.

Well, it’s definitely good! As Perezius readers know, tensions between parents reached a boiling point in mid-May when couples were seen arguing over a child’s soccer game. The next day, their son Braden is taken to the hospital for emergency surgery, a horrific ordeal that seems to have put their reasoning in perspective. After the ER inspection, Christina on the coast The star tells followers:

“We’re all under pressure but when it’s really important we were all there to do our part for Braden. Sometimes a frightening situation can lead to a better awakening. After all, everything else is just ‘noise’, the kids are important. “

Heather Rai Young, wife of Tarek El Musa, was caught intervening with her ex-wife, Christina Hack, and Josh Hall, a day before her son was hospitalized.
(C) Christina Hack / Instagram

Despite public outcry, things seem to be improving for the mixed family, Tarek said ET:

“It’s good. The things we’re parenting are good.”

Looking ahead, life could soon become more busy for the couple as they teased the fact that they could soon welcome a baby together !! Real estate agents have been open about combating fertility issues in the past. When asked how things were going, he took a moment to express his gratitude for the support he received along the way, to which he replied:

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a lot of emotion up and down. I am lucky that my husband and my step-children are there for me. Many do not. “

The 34-year-old shared some advice with others, continue:

“Keep a positive attitude. Your journey will come. There’s a lot of love out there. I’m always here to support women because I’ve been through it.… Just try to have a positive attitude.”

When asked about their ideal baby timeline, Heather teased:

“You never know what’s going to happen. You never know. We cannot predict the future. You may hear some good news soon. “

Good news soon ?! Now that is exciting !!

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Not only are they becoming a tough team in their personal lives, but it looks like the newlyweds will one day like to do their own show together. Last follow Flip or flopIn which Tariq co-starred with Christina, she shared about her new partner:

“We are always working on it. You never know, something might come soon. “

The Netflix Divides his own two cents on the personality concept, adding:

“My man is very talented. I have already learned a lot from him. I want to get into more flipping business. I love real estate. I’m in business, so why not? “

That’s great! Check out the full red carpet chat of the couple (below)!

Things are really looking for them! Their co-parenting philosophy and thinking about future plans together, Perezius reader? Sound off (below)!

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