Teen Mom Spinnf Series confirmed: Who’s joining the cast? Who has been fired

Back in March, we reported a rumor Teenage mother SpinOff which will bring together cast members across the long-running MTV franchise.

Sources said, this will be different from the show Adolescent mother: Family reunionThe girls will continue to film in their hometowns, and the series will serve as a substitute Teenage mother Ozzy And Adolescent mother 2Which will now be canceled.

The steps make sense, as Teenage mother Ratings have been declining year after year, and a concentrated version will allow producers to cut fat and eliminate some of the less popular stars in the franchise.

Now, insiders have confirmed that filming is underway Inheritance of teenage mother (Yeah … that’s really the job title), and it looks like some real moms have failed to cut.

Teen Mom 2 Cast

According to a new report from Ashley’s reality roundupEight cast members are currently filming:

So far, Caitlin Lowell, Massey Bookout, Sean Floyd, Amber Portwood, Leah Messer, Jade Klein, Ashley Jones and Brianna Dises have survived the first round.

However, it is possible that more stars will be released when the show premieres from now on.

Caitlin and other Oz

“Eight girls are filming for the show; Whether or not all the girls’ parts make it into episodes will depend on how exciting their footage is, “says a production source. Ashleyy

“Everyone agrees that the real shows are stale and forced, the girls are desperately trying to come up with a story line. With this format, only girls will be able to film real-life events, “the tipstar continues.

“The producers hope it will keep everything exciting for the fans and for the girls who are filming.”

Teen Mom Ozzy Cast in 2020

Yes, it is possible that the size of the cast will be further reduced as a measure of cost reduction.

For now, however, only two stars, Kylen Lori and Mackenzie Mackie, have been dropped from the new show.

Kail’s news isn’t terribly surprising.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

For months now, Lori has been threatening to quit the show that made her famous, and she recently boasted that she made more money from podcasting than from her appearance on MTV.

But it seems Mackenzie was blinded by the news that his services were no longer needed.

“Kyle was asked but he dropped the new show,” says a different production source Ashley.

Kylen Lori turns the bird upside down

“But he was asked. McKenzie was not asked. He was originally a ghost by MTV and [her producers] And he was never told he was not invited to the show, “said the insider.

“They just didn’t respond to him and hung him up.”

Apparently, Mackenzie got the most crude deal here (and since he added late Teenage mother OzzyShe is probably not as financially comfortable as the other girls).

Mackenzie Mackie as a teen mother

However, it seems that as a result of this latest shakeup, all mothers have to adjust their lifestyle.

“The cast is paid only for the episodes they star in.” If their voice or pictures do not appear in the episode, they are not paid, so each episode only features selected girls, this will be a real hack of their paycheck. , Especially girls who don’t show much when filming, ”says the second source

The current Teen Mom Show budget is much higher than most reality series, and the franchise’s ratings have been steadily declining over the years.

Teen Mom 2 Cast Photo 2021

You don’t have to be a seasoned network exec to know that this is not a winning formula.

AshleyIts source revealed back in March that the end of the spin-off franchise, represents the best hope of staying in the air in any form.

“It’s like their last attempt to keep the shows going … there are too many people working on this franchise and it doesn’t bring ratings and money at once,” an insider said at the time.

Socially-distance Leah Messer

“They needed to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way. The cast pays a lot and it costs a lot of money to fly across the country to take pictures of the girls.”

For that ugly title, AshleyIts source says it’s probably for staying here.

“This is the title of the work,” explains the first source

Amber Portwood admits she is a bad mother

“It may change but they are quite ready for it. They think the girls on the show have a ‘legacy’ because they’ve been on TV for so long.

Willpower Inheritance Live up to its name and become MTV’s next long-running hit?

The odds seem slim – but given the size of their paychecks, we’re not surprised that the other eight moms are willing to give this project a shot!

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