Teen Mom Spinoff: New title, cast (and firing!) Sure!

As we reported in March, MTV is planning another production Teenage mother Spinof series.

But this time the franchise is making deals, not expanding.

The new show will serve as a replacement for both Teenage mother Ozzy And Adolescent mother 2.

The cast of the two shows will be merged, which means less screen time for everyone involved.

Teen Mom Ozzy Cast in 2020

In fact, accordingly Ashley’s reality roundupTwo Teenage mother They have already been fired.

Well, technically only one of them was released – insiders say Mackenzie Mackie was never contacted to appear on the new show, which is already being filmed.

Kylen Lorio will not be taking part, but the decision is said to have been hers.

Kylie Lori on the podcast set

Lori has been in conflict with producers in recent months, and in a recent episode of TM2, she boldly told her bosses that she made more money from podcasting than from appearing on MTV.

So yes, officially, the decision was his, but he would probably stay on the cast if he was still with his boss.

Anyway, Ashley It was reported last week that the new show will be called Inheritance of teenage mother.

Teen Mom Ozzy Cast (minus Mackenzie)

But according to a new report from AshleyThat corn title has been changed to a slightly lower corn Teenage mother: next chapter.

Still sounds like a sort of Star Trek spinoff, but the new name is a bit less irrational.

MTV has confirmed that the show is currently being filmed and is set to premiere “soon.”

Teen Mom 2 Cast Photo 2021

“The casts of ‘Teen Mom Ozzy’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ are currently at different stages of motherhood – some have babies in diapers, others are now parenting teens!” Read a press release from the network.

“But they all share the unique experience of being a mother at such a young age,” the statement continued.

“For the first time, mothers and all their stories will be brought together in a supersize series that focuses on the unique bonds shared by this ‘mom group’ as they face the reality of being parents and adults as they enter this next phase of life together.”

The Teen Mom Ozzy Cast 2021

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Teenage mother Ratings have been declining over the years – both series combining here have consistently failed to reach half a million viewers in recent years.

And the network is severing ties with its two best-known stars (Kylin and Mackenzie are both divisive personalities, but there’s no denying that they’re well-known.)

Mackenzie Mackie

And yet, MTV Axis sounds like it’s an exciting new project for everyone involved.

Make no mistake – this is actually one last attempt to rescue a franchise that was once rated Jugarnet.

“It’s like their last attempt to keep the shows going … a lot of people are working on this franchise and it doesn’t bring ratings and money for once,” says one insider. Ashley.

Socially-distance Leah Messer

“They need to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way. The cast pays a lot and it costs a lot of money to fly across the country to take pictures of the girls.”

So if you are still a hardcore Teenage mother Fan, don’t forget to tune The next chapter And encourage your friends to do the same.

Because if this thing is not caught, it will probably be for Leah Messer, Amber Portwood and company.

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