Teresa Goodis ‘had to change a lot’ about marriage after Ramona singer leaked

Oh, the trouble at Real Housewivesville!

If you miss it, Ramona singer Of The real housewife in New York Fame has recently taken him Instagram story To share with his followers what he described:

“The most exotic, glamorous wedding invitations.”

Eagle-eyed fans quickly began to analyze the invitation, only to discover that it was for the singer’s co-star’s wedding. The real housewife Star Teresa Judis!

The problem is, that information wasn’t supposed to be public. Ramona was leaking the date and location of T’s big day! So any fan or paparazzi marriage can be broken!

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How did Teresa really feel about this violation from her colleague? Bravo Star ?! Over the weekend, he spoke with Extra A. 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted, Where he gave some insights into how he handled the social media crisis. His first step? He called Ramona!

“I was, ‘Ramona, really? Get it down now. ‘

Ramona hurriedly fulfilled the bride’s wish, but too late! Fans were quicker to screenshot the post. When asked how RHONY The star responded to the request to take it down, Teresa explained:

“He was, ‘Oh my God, what have I done, what have I done?'”

You leaked all the information about the marriage, baby!

However, when it comes to taking refuge in a difficult feeling, the 50-year-old reality star doesn’t seem to be in that headspace, reassuring us that the singer Willpower Will still be invited to the wedding. He revealed:

“I don’t think he thought he did anything wrong.”

Oh, we love when friends can overcome obstacles. (Not to mention, we’re sure T won’t mind the extra press about her big day! Ha!)

Could this be a sign of a new leaf Teresa is trying to flip over, where forgiveness is in fashion? Is he flipping the table, so to speak? An interesting piece of evidence from the wedding leak certainly seems to indicate so, especially regarding the guest list. It looks like Gudis’s arc nemesis Margaret Josephus And Frenimi Jackie Goldsnider From RHONJ Both are on the invited list! But what about? Melissa GorgaWith whom did his late catastrophic fall ?!

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Well, Melissa was at the same event, and from what she had to say about the leak, it seems she’s still very much involved in the show – even though she’s not a bride! He says of Ramona’s actions:

“I couldn’t believe it, and the way he talks about it so casually and then shows up in front of the camera… who does?” Like, I was, I couldn’t believe it. I could not. Teresa had to change a lot about it now. “

What kind of change?

Teresa explained that she would provide extra security for the wedding in the event of a leak – and it would probably not be a bad thing to help keep the peace with all these real housewives present!

Although the most important thing is that Teresa and her husband, Luis Ruelas, Happy. Giudice got engaged to the 48-year-old entrepreneur in 2020 and recently released Entertainment tonight:

“We love and respect each other and respect each other and that’s the best thing. And communication. We have the best communication. It’s really important. “

There is love in the air! Let’s hope there are not too many crushers!

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[Image via Teresa Guidice/Instagram & Izzy/WENN]

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