Teresa Guidis Remona hires extra wedding security after singer slammed the venue

Teresa Guidis is still involved in happiness, and will apparently remain the same no matter what the world learns about Luis Ruelas.

Her wedding plans are set in stone … the stone that almost broke because of a fellow housewife.

Ramona Singer accidentally leaked the exact date and location of Teresa’s wedding.

Teresa has a plan that she hopes will continue her wedding date due to Ramona’s mistake.

Teresa Guidis became a bit strange

Ramona really Ramona’d Things were highlighted on his Instagram story at the end of May

(Oh, Ramona) Without making sense, he leaked that Teresa and Lewis were planning to tie the knot on August 6 at the Park Chatto Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Multiple outlets were able to confirm that the details were correct, even sharing those Tre’s Ultimate Girls Trip Season 1 customers are invited.

The Ramona singer is gasping for breath in the drama he has created

Teresa speaks with Judas Entertainment tonight At the MTV Movie and TV Awards, he talks about what he plans to do about this leak.

“I called him and I thought, ‘Can you please take this off your story now,'” he said.

Trey describes Ramona’s reaction: “And he’s like, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done?'”

Teresa Guidis and Luis Ruelas are out

Teresa recalled Ramona’s explanation: “She was like, ‘This is the most beautiful invitation I’ve ever had, and I’ve received a lot.'”

Was Tre just able to work out compliments on his invitations? Yes.

Both Teresa and Lewis admit that Ramona made only one “honest mistake.”

Ramona singer says to stop it!

However, the reality of being famous and leaking your wedding plans is not lost on them.

“Now,” Teresa shares, “I’ll have some extra security.”

Photographers, superfans and even occasional haters may try to slip in to watch the wedding – but we don’t recommend trying.

Drama about Teresa Goodis Season 12

For the record, Ramona also issued a public apology through his representative.

“Ramona is very sorry,” he said Page six.

“She wasn’t thinking,” the delegate admitted, “and was very excited for Teresa and loved the invitation.”

Ramona Singer Season 12 Vibes

“He apologized to Teresa,” said a statement shared at the time.

Assuming that everything goes well with the marriage (well, they may have an idea, considering who the groom is), we are sure that everyone will be forgiven.

If something goes wrong and the reason is that someone enters the wedding venue, well, Ramona would like to high-tail it out of the table-flipping range.

Teresa Guidis and Lewis

Now, we’re not going to take the easy route and call Ramona “stupid” or something like that.

Anyone who has heard Ramona try to talk about serious things can draw their own conclusions about his intelligence.

Why, even a Smart A person can make mistakes like him, just without thinking.

Teresa Goodis has a bad attitude

The wedding guest list of Teresa and Lewis has been a hot topic for a reason: Melissa Gorga is not part of the wedding party.

It’s already a snub, especially since Lewis’s sisters will be part of the bridal party. As such, it is his sister-in-law. That sting.

Which was even more shocking, of course, Melissa found out like everyone else on television. Zoinks.

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