Thank God! Nick Cannon says he is considering having a vasectomy so he won’t

Nick Cannon Wants to reduce the speed of reproduction a little! And that’s probably the right thing to do!

Of course, r Wild ‘n out The star has given birth to many children in at least a few years – eight, to put it bluntly – and she has acted as a father while having sex with their mothers. But now she arrives with model Mummer as her eighth child Bray Taisi Coming up, it looks like he’s ready to cool it down for a while!

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In a new interview on Tuesday And! NewsDaily PopThe 41-year-old TV host has revealed that he is considering a vasectomy! Although he has not yet completed the process, Masked singer The star revealed to the outlet that this is a definite possibility, saying:

“I have already gone and taken my vasectomy advice.”

Talk openly with the hosts Lonely gain And Justin SylvesterThe actor added that he is “not looking here” to further expand his family from where he is now.

To that end, Canon says he is fully committed to meeting all their emotional needs! The actor explained:

“I’m not looking for the world to be populated entirely, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care of and loving all my kids right now.”

Love it!

For Nick, that means doing what needs to be done for the 11-year-old twin Morocco And MonroeWhich he shares with his ex-wife Maria CareyAs well as a 5 year old boy Golden And 1 year old girl PowerfulWith whom he shares Britney Bell. Then, there are the 11-month-old twins Zion And JillianWith whom he shares Abby Rose.

Of course, sadly, her 5-month-old son JaneWith whom he has shared Alyssa Scottযান Died of brain cancer in December 2021 Then, a month later, Cannon and Tiesi revealed that they too now have a small one on the way

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Family life is a big responsibility for A-lister and all the women involved and with it, she explained Daily Pop That he saw a new direction in himself:

“I don’t know if I designed it that way, but it’s one of those things when you bless kids with gifts – and we all know, I’ve been through a lot. I find comfort, I find peace in my children, and I find purpose. “

That makes sense to us! We totally get it! Still, Canon felt “guilty” for not spending “enough time” with his family, similarly. He explained to the hosts that he had made a point to attend as much as possible:

“I take my kids to school every morning. I’m facetime [them]”

As for the future, Drumline The star already has her eyes on the show business! Canon jokes that his children will soon be on stage at the center, teasing him for the interview:

“They are going to be some talented kids. You will definitely see some cannons on the screen and hear their music. I need to recover some of it. “


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