The archbishop of Canterbury says the public should be “open and forgiving” to the prince

To protect all people Prince Andrew The convict follows his notorious relationship with a sex offender Jeffrey EpsteinWe haven’t seen this one come.

Archbishop of Canterbury, aka Senior Bishop and Archbishop of the Church of England, Justin WelbyJust asking the public to be “open and forgiving” to the controversial prince who was accused of trafficking and sexually abusing a teenager – Wtf ?!

This week, the religious leader sat down for an interview ITV News This time he claimed that the opposition was “trying to correct” the royal family after he had settled a sexual harassment case. Geoffrey of Virginia. One of Jeffrey Epstein’s many victims, Virginia, claimed for years that he had been trafficked to Andrew, who had sex with him when he was just 17 years old. He has settled for 12 million but has denied any wrongdoing. He further added in a statement that he regretted his association with the convicted sex offender.

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Well, the archbishop does not seem to be worried about aligning himself with the Duke of York, and instead used his interviews to encourage people to forgive the monarch and to “learn to be a more open and forgiving society.” The comments quickly raised eyebrows which explained to Justin in a statement what he meant. The postExplaining:

“[I] A question was asked about forgiveness, and I said there is a difference between consequence and forgiveness. “

He continued to tie everything to his faith:

“Both are essential elements of the Christian understanding of justice, compassion and reconciliation. I have said in more detail that I hope we can become a more forgiving society. “

It’s one thing to have a “forgiving society” for simple things, but Prince Andrew is a high-profile member of the royal family who was accused of sexually abusing a teenager. The legal issues he faced were so serious that he lost his royal and military titles. He never admitted wrongdoing, and yet the archbishop wants everyone else to forgive and forget ??

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Digging her heels further, the 66-year-old then blamed the public for being distracted by Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee while embroiled in controversy. He Get started! He continued:

“These are complex issues that are difficult to resolve in a brief media interview and I hope they will not be distracted from this week’s joyous celebration of His Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

That’s great. What a position to take …

You can check out the Archbishop’s complete ITV News The interview that spread all these dramas (below).

Do you agree with his opinion on this ?!

[Image via British GQ/BBC News/YouTube]

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