The author of How to Kill Your Husband has been convicted of killing her husband

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A jury has convicted a woman who wrote an article in the title How to kill your husband Just do that.

Ramya novelist on Wednesday Nancy Crampton Brophy Her husband was convicted of murder Dan Bruffy In June 2018.

During the trial, prosecutors said the 71-year-old writer could have raised a large sum of money for Dan’s insurance money after his death. Witnesses allege that the pair suffered financial hardship when Dan was murdered at the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he worked as a chef and teacher.

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Earlier, Justice Md Christopher Ramras Ruling that Nancy’s self-published 2011 essay will not be included in the evidence, citing:

“Any minimum possible value of an article written long ago is substantially exceeded by the danger of unjust prejudice and confusion of issues.”

In the distorted part, Nancy describes the perfect way to kill one’s husband, writing:

“Divorce is expensive, and do you really want to share your property? Or if you get married for money, don’t you own it all? The problem is the police are not stupid. They are looking at you first. Will be. “

But he was not intelligent. Prosecutors noted that Nancy’s van was seen on a traffic camera near the institute the day Dan was shot more than once while preparing for his shift. Before the murder, Nancy saw and bought a “ghost gun” kit online before buying a Glock 17 handgun while at the Portland Gun Expo. Prosecutors further added that the author lied about where he was that morning.

Moreover, Andrea JacobsOne of Nancy’s former cellmates, testifying that the author told her Dan’s heart had been shot twice, added that Nancy “showed me the distance”, showing the length with her arm.

During her testimony, Nancy admitted that she and Dan had financial problems, but claimed that they were going to reduce the size of their home and that they only bought life insurance policies for their retirement plans. He complained that he looked to ghost guns as an inspiration for future novels.

After Nancy was convicted, Victim’s mother, Karen BruffySaid the local station KGW:

“[I’m] Just very, very grateful that everything has turned out that way. It’s been three and a half years. “

Nathaniel StillwaterThe chef’s son, from a previous marriage, added:

“We have all been waiting for three and a half years, almost four years to mourn this loss. Eventually some of the closures were very important and meaningful for our family, and we can feel that we can move on and remember my father forever, but we can start the process of starting mourning. “

Nancy’s sentencing hearing is set for June 13.

[Image via Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office]

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