The baby died after the father accidentally ran him into the driveway

So heartbreaking!

According to multiple reports, a 1-year-old boy died after his father accidentally ran after him on Wednesday. Per City News Service Through PatchAn unnamed father in California was pulling on his driveway when he accidentally hit his young son.

Dad was reportedly on his way home from the office when he opened the gate of his house. He waited for it to fully open and then examined his surroundings. Believing there was no one around, he drove, only to find out the worst thing he could have imagined.

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California Highway Patrol Officer Javier Navarro Told the outlet:

“It simply came to our notice then This is a real tragedy. “

Navarro went on to explain that Dad was driving a new model, “very large, high-profile.” Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. The crash happened around 12:30 pm in the 1800 block of Gentian Avenue near Riverside. Los Angeles Times The report continues through Navarro City News Service:

“Dad opened the electric gate on his driveway and he looked at the driveway. It was clear. There is no one there. “

According to Los Angeles Times, He felt a “bump” as he pulled over the driveway. He goes out and sees his son under his car. Awesome! Police officials believe the child was “apparently playing with some trash cans that were next to the passenger on the SUV.” This has created “a kind of blind spot for the driver”. Although he believed the driveway was clean, he apparently did not start driving through the gate once. The officer continued:

“Dad told us he felt a small jolt after pulling on the driveway. He leaves Tahoe and goes behind it, where he sees his son next to the right rear tire. It was rolling over him. “

Oh no

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While it’s not clear where the baby came from, Navarro simply suggested:

“The baby probably fell off and fell in the car.”

The boy’s mother had no idea what had happened until she heard her husband screaming for help. It is not clear if he was out with the child, but he was on the property at the time. Parents call 911 and then start offering help. The boy was taken away Riverside University Health Systems Medical Center Seriously injured by an ambulance, KTLA Reportedly, he was later pronounced dead. An investigation is underway. At the moment, it is being considered as an accident, according to officials. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

[Image via Chevrolet/YouTube]

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