The bride and groom were killed and the bride and groom were seriously injured in a horrific car accident on the way

A bridegroom was killed in a horrific highway accident when his car was hit by a truck carrying him and the newlyweds to their reception.

The tragic accident happened on Saturday in Monroe County, Illinois and resulted in deaths Chance Cornes. The 20-year-old man who died on the spot was at the wedding Rhine And Ally FethianThose who got married just a few hours ago, and were also injured in the accident.

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According to KSDKCarnes was thrown from his seat Ford Bronco After the car was hit by a Chevy The pickup truck was identified by a 57-year-old woman Rhonda Schaefer. Rhine and Ally Fethian were both sitting in the car with Chanes’ girlfriend, Chance’s girlfriend. They are all expected to survive the crash, although Ali was airlifted to a local hospital and his condition is reported to be serious. Schaefer received only “minor injuries” and was taken to hospital, according to reports from the scene.

Sadly, Chance – pictured with her parents before she graduated from high school (above) – died in a horrific accident. Police did not say much about the cause of the crash, but according to local news outlets, it is still under investigation. Apparently, the timing of the accident between the wedding ceremony and the reception makes this situation even more heartbreaking.

Per WSIL, Just one day before the accident, Carnes was 20 years old. He was a popular and well-liked high school student and he was a star quarterback Herrin High School Football team before graduating from school in 2020. According to his mother, BrandyAfter high school his son’s passion was horses – and he competed in ranch pick events and equestrian shows throughout his very short life.

Dad of chance, JasonShe spoke to the news outlet about her late son, saying (below):

“[Chance was] A handsome young man with beautiful blue eyes. He was an old soul. Chances went on shows throughout the Midwest and Oklahoma, Texas. He enjoyed the close-knit cowboy family he was in. “

Others in the area who knew the young man were also shocked by his sudden and tragic loss.

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Marked by one of his former high school teachers WSIL As Kevin DunwayThe news outlet says:

“She is OK. It’s one of those horrible, horrible accidents you ask. But you can’t just replace those people. He had the leadership, he has come up with those responsibilities. The way he has managed himself. In the playground, in the classroom, in the store. He’s one of those people you can’t help but love. “

Very sad.

The equestrian world is also suffering from the loss of the cornice. On Facebook On weekends, Ranch selection national championship Condemning Chance’s death, they issued their own statement:

“It simply came to our notice then. The ranch sorting community is blessed to know the chance. She and her contagious smile will be greatly missed. Easy cowboy rest. “

Supporters have started a GoFundMe Even after Ally was seriously injured in a car accident, the fundraising page. Writing about the health of the new bride after the horrific incident, the fundraiser shared:

“Ali was airlifted to SLU where she was stabilized but is still in critical condition. She is currently battling her injury in the intensive care unit. Her husband Rhine is the most supportive and anxious new husband. “

You can see that page here.

Here is the life of Chance Carnes, and the events that followed his death WSIL (Below):

Our hearts are broken for everyone affected by this horrible, horrible situation.


[Image via WSIL News 3/YouTube]

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