The cause of death of Brittany Drexel – the coroner’s verdict – raises further questions

Another painful update Brittany Drexel The lawsuit was probably funded by the Georgetown County Coroner’s Office.

As we cover last week, Brittany’s family is finally on track to receive the justice they have been seeking for more than a decade. The teenager, who went missing about 13 years ago, has finally been arrested. A suspect, Raymond MoodyHe has been charged with rape, kidnapping and murder.

This morning, the Georgetown County Coroner’s Office posted an update Facebook In the case of Drexel – and that could be a big problem.

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Earlier, an official warrant for Moody’s arrest stated that the cause of death of the then 17-year-old girl was manual suffocation – suffocation with empty hands – but the autopsy revealed otherwise! They say the cause of death could not be determined at all!

Read the full update (below):

“*** UPDATE *** The cause of death of Brittany Drexel

Georgetown County Coroner Chase Ridgeway confirmed the cause of death and the cause of death were indefinite.

The skeletal remains were taken to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office for examination by a forensic anthropologist and a forensic odontologist. It was during this experiment that it was confirmed that the remains belonged to Brittany Drexel, who was assisted by a DNA analysis performed by SLED. Due to the condition of the remains, manual suffocation could not be confirmed. “

Yes, they are convinced that it was his – but they cannot be sure that he was killed by asphyxiation.

His remains were in the suspect’s property, completely unknown to anyone in the past 13 years! It is not surprising that the cause of death of the poor girl could not be determined even after so long. So heartbreaking.

But what does this discovery mean for the legal process? Moody’s was originally arrested with a warrant for manual suffocation. If it is not proved that he killed Brittany by suffocation … will it harm the progress of the prosecutor’s case? Hmmm.

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New information about the Drexel case came out last week, with several Facebook pages and groups popping up in support of the late teenager and her family. Some of the most popular have more than 5,000 dedicated members who seek justice for the late New Yorkers.

One Facebook user wrote:

“No child has to go through that.”

We could no longer agree. Any 17-year-old on a spring break vacation shouldn’t even entertain the idea of ​​a potential kidnapping or murder. What this guy has done with an innocent teenager in front of his whole life is disgusting, but also for the heartbroken family he left behind.

We hope that soon the air will be clear about exactly what happened so that Brittany and her family can finally get the justice they deserve, they have waited long enough.


[Image via Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office/Queen City News/YouTube]

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