The chorus teacher has been arrested on charges of having sex with a student after her husband

A teacher has been arrested in Pennsylvania on Monday for allegedly having sex with a student.

Olivia Ortz (Pictured in his facial shot above), was a chorus teacher Wilmington Area High School Across the border from New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, Youngstown, Ohio. Now, police claim that a 26-year-old schoolboy had illicit sex with a student – and the necessary evidence to support the allegations was apparently provided by Ortz’s husband! Oops !!

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With detectives New Wilmington Police Department The first got involved in the case in mid-April, when the school principal contacted them about a seemingly inappropriate relationship. Police quickly learned that Ortz’s husband, a contract employee at the school district, had contacted the principal after returning home from a school-sponsored trip in Florida and discovering “evidence that his wife Olivia had an affair.” This information has been given in a press release shared with the media. Police said the student was apparently a 17-year-old high school girl.

Now, police have charged Ortz with three counts: institutional sexual harassment, unlawful contact with a minor, and criminal use of communication facilities. He was later released on a $ 150,000 bond pending a court date. The new Wilmington Police Chief Carmen Picirillo To say People The husband allegedly found racial messages sent to a student by Ortz IPad That couple used together at home.

The police chief said Ortz’s husband immediately did the “right thing” and contacted school officials:

“They both worked with this student to build the stage in our school district. And obviously, he was terrified. He knew he was a minor and he was a [mandated] Reporter and so on, he does the right thing. And the next day, Saturday, he contacted the school principal. “

After questioning, the teenager initially denied having sex with the teacher, but later admitted to having an affair. Per PeopleA police press release said:

“The student indicated that at first he considered Olivia Ortz a ‘safe adult’ because he believed and trusted her about her personal problems and relationship problems, but then it turned into a romantic relationship.”

Specifically, the student told police that she was invited to the chorus teacher’s home on April 7, when Ortz’s husband was out of town.

The student told police that he and Ortz had been “engaged in sexual activity” that evening and that he had stayed the night. The teenager further claims that she returned to Ortz’s home to “comfort” the now-ex-teacher who was humiliated after her husband first became aware of the sexual contact. What

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In May, police issued a search warrant at Ortz’s home and confiscated a cell phone and an iPad. The release claims that, shamelessly, the chorus teacher is accused of trying Keep Communicate with students using Spotify Even after the police left:

“It simply came to our notice then. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. “

The police chief added in his own statement to the press release that the two had come up with a “code word” to keep their relationship a secret:

“They were communicating by going to a specific playlist under each of their public profiles and leaving messages for each other. They felt that no one would discover it. When something happened or they were discovered, they came up with a code word. “

According to Pixirillo, the code word teachers and students chose to use was “Fried Rice”.


According to court documents, police claim that more than 100 messages were posted on the Spotify system for several days in early May.

Ortz’s next scheduled court hearing is set for May 25 to face criminal charges.

[Image via New Wilmington Police Department]

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