The doctor who posted the horrific video while witnessing the car crash in Berlin

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

John Baroman Witness an incredibly horrific incident in Berlin that killed at least one person.

Wednesday, d Doctor K. Star eclipse Twitter Fans were told that he believed he had “witnessed a terrorist attack” when a car struck more than a dozen people, leaving “corpses everywhere”.

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He shared in an initial post:

“We think we’ve seen a terrorist attack here in Berlin. We’re not sure. There are a lot of people, dead bodies. We’ve seen a car come off the road and end up in a storefront across three cities. That block, it’s pretty horrible.”


The 55-year-old went to post a video of himself behind a tree because he was worried that a second car might come at any moment. In the video, Baroman tells his fans how the car hit people on the sidewalk, then turns around and crashes into a cafe and a shop, revealing that he saw “a corpse in the middle of the street” and several people “walking with lip and bruise.”

At least one death has been confirmed and five of the more than a dozen injured have life-threatening injuries, according to the fire brigade. Renault Cleo Zigzagged up to 200 yards and crashed into a department store.

After the accident, brave pedestrians grabbed him and reportedly tried to flee before handing him over to a nearby police officer. The man was treated and taken into custody. In this incident, the police said, every The sun:

“It simply came to our notice then. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

What police have confirmed is that the car drove past the sidewalk at Rankestras and into the corner of Towenjienstrasse and hit pedestrians, then drove down the street and into the back sidewalk before the store crashed.

Excitingly, the crash happened at the site of the 2016 Christmas Market terrorist attack when 11 people were killed by a truck hijacker. Despite the incident, police still do not call the crash a terrorist attack.

A representative said The Sun Online:

“We cannot confirm at this time whether this is a terrorist act, but we are investigating every possibility and interviewing eyewitnesses. We are not giving the name, age, occupation or gender of the person killed. We have a lot of seriously injured people here. There are no plans for a press conference at the moment. ”

The city’s fire department said 130 emergency workers had responded to the “genocide”, with five seriously injured and three more seriously injured. Meanwhile, the German newspaper said Daily mirror Reported that the driver is a 60 year old man.

We will keep you updated as more details are published.

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