The family sued Apple after the 12-year-old’s eardrums ruptured during the Amber Alert!

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The family of a 14-year-old boy has just filed a lawsuit against him Apples They claimed that his hearing was permanently impaired when an amber alert was turned off while he was using it. Airpod Professional.

Parents Carlos Gordoya And Aryani Race From San Antonio, Texas filed lawsuits Monday against the company for negligence and fraud. According to the received docs NBC NewsMarked as 12 years old at the time B.G. I was watching Netflix In May 2020 on his phone “low volume”. But when an emergency alert goes off on his cell phone, the volume increases dramatically.

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Describing the incident that led to his “permanent hearing loss”, they wrote:

“[The Amber Alert] Went off suddenly, and without warning, tore BG’s ear drum, damaging his cochlea, and causing significant injury to BG’s hearing.

Oh no! For this reason, BG now has to wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. According to the lawsuit, he suffered from dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and tinnitus after the incident. What a waste! The family is now blaming Apple for not reducing the volume during the alert and for not alerting users that the volume could rise to dangerous levels, they added:

“Airpods do not automatically reduce, control, limit or increase the notification or alert volumes to the safe level that emits them.”

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The lawsuit further alleges that Apple was aware of the problem – or could have easily been aware of it – as many other users have complained about similar issues online, until 2019. There are hundreds of complaints on Apple’s support website alone. One person complained:

‚ÄúPlease fix it. I literally threw my airpod across the room when I received a sharp text alert while listening to peaceful music. Not good. “

Another person mentioned:

“You’re right. It’s a design flaw and what’s really disappointing is that they chose to carry this design flaw on the Airpod Pro, even with user feedback on how bad that design is. Apple stands for excellence in thinking through the user experience and A clear example of total failure. “

And there are so many comments in the same vein across social media! So, it seems like it’s been a problem for a long time. Apple spokesmen have not yet commented on the case. Worried? Have you struggled with this problem?

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