The guitarist’s widow, who is left behind, returns to the drowning investigation, he says

Buckle up, this is a wild case!

Deaths year after year What’s left Guitarist Oli Herbert A mystery remains. Rocker died in some mysterious circumstances about 4 years ago, causing many to point fingers at his wife, Beth Herbert. Why? We think mainly because he fulfilled his wish to Oli just a week before his death. But he has also been accused of black magic! Yes, because she is a magician …

There is also a quarrel of a mysterious woman named Penelope – which no one can find – which presumably attacked the musician just like his death. So, what’s going on here? And is Beth guilty? Is he being unjustly targeted?

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Against the advice of her legal team in an ongoing criminal investigation, the widow is finally opening her mouth about all the speculation in an attempt to remove her name. But is he making all this more mysterious ?!

It was death

I’m talking On Thursday, Beth remembers her husband’s last moments. Some may remember that the famous guitarist was found lying face down in a pond near his Stafford Springs, Connecticut home on October 16, 2018. Apparently, he regularly went to the shallow ponds at the edge of their property, Beth shared:

“Oli used to come here day and night. This is where he will stop and talk to the girls he has met on the street, after he stops being a good husband. “

Oops. Huh. No wonder his attorney doesn’t want him to be interviewed, he’s coming out of the gate with a motive: cheating!

He is said to have entered the pond “somewhere after 11pm on October 15, 2018”. Beth had already gone to bed in the evening, he said. Her husband, at the time, 44, was not feeling well the night before. They stood together in their yard about 130 feet from the pond, he noted:

“She was OK. I had to take her home several times that evening. ”

Around 9pm they went back inside. Beth then got out of bed, but since they were out romantically (according to Beth and Oli, Oli had announced that he wanted a divorce), he usually slept on the sofa in his home studio. . Together in their last moments, he said:

“I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he said, ‘No, I want to sit here and listen to the wind blowing through the trees.’ Before I went to bed he said the last word, ‘Thank you, I love you.’

He says he woke up at night and heard some knocking on the floor – but he didn’t think much of it. But the next morning everything changed. He recalled:

“When I woke up in the morning, he wasn’t there.”

She went to look for him inside the house, but he did not return. He did not report her missing until the afternoon when police quickly found her in the water, downstairs.

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Office Chief Medical Examiner The cause of death in Farmington, Connecticut, is determined by drowning, but they are gone Method “Unspecified.” An autopsy report also found that he had three prescription drugs in his system – the antipsychotic olanzapine, the antidepressant citalopram and ambien. It showed his “past medical history” [was] Beth claims she was unaware of her prescription drug use. There were no obvious signs of foul play. Hmmm.


As police try to unravel the case, many genuine crime suspects find a reason that Beth and Oli regained their will just a week before the tragedy happened – and most internally, the rock star left everything to his wife. Although they were out ?? He even specifically mentioned that his sister should not get anything. That’s great! In the midst of all this speculation, Beth declared:

“We loved each other, we trusted each other and we were husband and wife, even though everyone could do anything for our separation.”

He further claimed that a friend had recently died, sparking them to update their will.

“We were leaving everything to each other, including taking advantage of each other’s life insurance policies.”

But, as mentioned, the couple was presumably discussing divorce, a fact that seems strange to the inner circle of Oli Beth who left everything to her. His friend Drew Johnston Launched Justice for Oli Campaigning immediately after his death, he called his wife a prime suspect. He told the outlet:

“I did my best to get her out of that lady’s clutches. That’s why none of us have stopped yet. “

Many supporters use the hashtag #BurnTheWitch when discussing the issue. Yes.

Mystery Woman Penelope

So, if Beth claims she’s not responsible, does she think it was an accident? Suicide? Not necessarily. Is there anyone else to consider …

This brings us to Penelope, a woman who apparently met in the couple’s backyard one evening while they were looking for a dog. He only introduced himself by his first name and offered to help, Beth recalled:

“Penelope was weaving in and out of the bushes. She told us her name. Oli said she didn’t know him. I was, who is that?”

“He told me, ‘I’m Penelope, and I heard you call for your dog and come to help.'”

More weird? Instead of helping, he attacked Oli:

“So the three of us were supposed to look for the dog, but he was watching, not helping. He looked at us. I heard the movement, I thought the dog. Then suddenly Penelope pushes him away. Then he ran away. “

The rest of the musicians, including scraps and wounds after the fall, were “evil chaotic when it happened”. He later went to the police about the incident. Huh. So Beth Was not The only witness to see Penelope. Unfortunately, nothing happened considering that the mysterious woman could not be found. Beth explained:

“They (police) thought he might have something to do with her death, but they can’t find her.”

So, very strange … When asked if he was Penelope, he replied:

“The police accused me of being Penelope and pushed him away. But I was – how can I divide myself?


This brings us to one of the most talked about aspects of the case: Beth’s magic. She has openly described herself as a practicing witch, but she believes the police are trying to use her religion against her, saying:

“The police department tried to get an arrest warrant based on witchcraft, saying I was throwing black spells at him and taking drugs.”

They were unable to do so, something he thought helped to prove his innocence, he added:

“But if they could have fabricated something to arrest me, it would have happened long ago.”

But police seem to have reason to be wary of his witchcraft. According to a friend Wendy writesBeth, who has notarized Will and had a complicated relationship with the couple, involved her husband in some mantras:

“He had an altar room and he burned a picture of Oli in a coffin, an original box shaped like a coffin.”

At least according to Beth, Wendy befriended Beth, accusing him of having an affair with a guitar player. Wendy claims it was just platonic and they didn’t sleep together! And that’s not all friends are spilling. When they tied the knot, he said Beth had revealed some disturbing details of his marriage, explaining:

“He started telling me, ‘Oli is drunk, Oli is abusive, he’s a mess, he doesn’t pay me, he doesn’t pay for the house. There is no heat, no hot water. ‘

After Oli’s death, he took Beth to a psychiatric hospital in a state of mental breakdown. At one point, Beth told her:

“The plan is going great.”

Huh ?! Plan ??

Shocked and confused, he replied:

“I put my hand on the table and said, ‘Really?’ What’s the plan? Why do you say that? ‘

He later told police about the interaction and has since become a “star witness to the prosecution.” As mentioned, the investigation is ongoing, so we’ll have to wait and see if the authorities can get to the bottom of this. This is definitely a unique case! Internally, Beth now wants to get out of her house and go somewhere fresh – and by fresh we mean the old man. Especially Salem, Massachusetts! He shouted:

“Let them have the hashtag ‘Burnthewich’ there.”

There’s a lot to process – and there’s even more More Read his full interview to the story Here. Think, fan reader? Does this give you any clarity on the rumors surrounding Oli’s death? Or does it make you more suspicious? Sound off (below)!

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