The gunman bought his AR-15 just three hours before the Tulsa Hospital massacre

Destructive news hit the nation again as news of another mass shooting came out of Oklahoma on Wednesday.

According to local reports, a gunman opened fire inside the Natalie building St. Francis Hospital In Tulsa, four were killed and several were injured. The dead included a hospital patient, a receptionist and two doctors – one of whom was identified as the shooter’s primary target: Dr. Preston Phillips.

According to the police chief, the 45-year-old gunman had a letter “Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.” The police chief explained that Dr. Phillips was his surgeon during a recent back operation and that he “blamed” her for his pain:

“She blamed Dr. Phillips for the ongoing pain after the surgery.”

Did the gunman feel the need to bring lifelong grief to multiple innocent families out of pain? It’s not like he’ll be cured! More lives have been taken from the earth due to complete ignorance. It is absolutely heartbreaking and sick that it tends to happen.

He called his wife at one point during or after the shooting and she alerted authorities. He was later shot dead by a suicide bomber.

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Annoyingly, tHe bought 2 shooter weapons before the attack – and bought them in full Legally. The firearms purchased were a semi-automatic handgun – bought from a pan shop on Sunday and yes, an AR-15. Surprisingly, that rifle was bought Just 3 hours Before the mass firing.

Three hours.

Seriously ?! No one should have access to an assault rifle so quickly! Never

Apparently the man was sick, killing four people and injuring more than one – and our current law only allows someone to carry a heavy-duty firearm? Kill Hours Before the riots ?! It is unforgivable.

Access to that AR-15 means the shooter, who entered the hospital through the second-floor entrance from the parking garage, was able to inflict unimaginable damage before mounting a response. The first shot rang out around 4:52 a.m. and police were on the scene just 3 minutes later at 4:55 a.m. It was an amazing response time – and it was still too late.

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Even more devastating is how the gunman’s victims stood in his way trying to repel the attack and how he brutally shot them. Hospital receptionists and patients should not be human shields because someone sold a gun to a perverted person!

Again, because of careless gun control, we see innocent people being put in situations that claim their lives and well-being. When will we learn from our mistakes? In 2022 alone, there were 223 mass shootings in the United States – including the day before in Waco and the next day in a race. This is multiple mass shooting per day.


[Image via YouTube/CBS Miami]

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