The Heartless Way Khloe Kardashian has finally learned about Tristan Thompson

We knew Tristan Thompson f ** She is devastated when she gives birth to a child Marali Nichols Last year at the same time trying to get back to the ex-partner Khalo KardashianBelieve it.

But as it turns out, now we see that the basketball player was not even mature enough to face his actions in person ?! Come on, man …

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In its latest episode KardashiansWhich is released Hulu The news came out as soon as the viewers saw it on Thursday morning NBA The star secretly gave birth to a child with Nichols in March 2021 as part of an attempt to return.

The revelation of the fraud came from an online article on the morning of December 3 in Khloé – and No. Tristan himself, who was apparently not strong enough to face this Revenge Body Host and tell him about what happened. Instead, it all started when Kim Kardashian An online news story details Tristan’s paternity suit’s response to the hook-up with Nichols in March last year.

Immediately Kim called Momagar Chris Jenner And sister Kylie Jenner And Courtney Kardashian, And told them about the conversation she had with Tristan after first learning about sex and pregnancy. Annoyed, Kim is seen wearing a pro-athlete costume with Chris on her call, saying (below):

“His whole announcement is in this thing, which says, ‘I, Tristan Thompson, met this girl in Houston. I slept with him on my 30th birthday. ‘ So I sent him and I said, ‘Do you know about this?’ Kholo doesn’t even know. “

Following his tip-off to Chris – who has undoubtedly lost control as only a mommer can do – Kim peeked into another call with Kylie. Courtney soon joined the call. In that chat, Kim was still upset and worried for her sister. The Selfish The author asks:

“Is Tristan the worst person on the planet?”


Just like he did with Chris, SKIMS The mogul walked Kylie and Courtney on the timeline of Tristan’s announcement, which came as part of a paternity lawsuit filed against him that first reported to the media about the scandal. Still annoyed by the revelation of the fraud, Kim made a court report for her sisters:

“She is asking for a paternity test and admits that she had sex with him. Khloé threw him his 30th birthday. So he went home from his 30th birthday party, went to Houston to play on the street – we can check his schedule – and then slept with this girl. “

Kim’s sisters were just as shocked and angry as she was. Kylie called the situation “insane” and “never ending” – a scandal of Tristan’s former deception and a consent to her apparent inability to keep her D ** in her pants. The court echoed that notion, adding:

“It’s a never-ending betrayal, that’s all.”

And Kim took it personally.

Mention a clear desire to have more children (and especially a baby brother for a daughter) True Thompson!), Mother of four added:

“It simply came to our notice then. And now this girl has a ** King baby boy, King Random that she sleeps one night. Kill him. “

Our thoughts are right!

Khloé and heartbreaking to think of it TrueThe direction of the whole deal. And really angry at Tristan’s thoughtless, selfish activities.

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Speaking of Khloé, the 37-year-old star was away from her phone for the first few hours after Tristan’s paternity problem was revealed to the world. Kim tries to text her to get her attention, though – and eventually sends her younger sister the actual report, along with the court documents published as evidence.

Still, none of Khloé took time to look when he finally called Kim again to see what was happening. Without wasting a moment for pleasure, Kim asked her younger sister:

“Did you see that I sent you?”

Khloé replied that he had not yet received, and went to check on her messages while on the phone with Kim.

The episode ended in a cliffhanger when Khloe-Mani looked at the screen of his smartphone and said:

“No, wait. Is it f ** k? “

Oops !!!

That was it for this episode. Very sudden! The rest of the fallout, and Khloé’s full response, will obviously be revealed to the world next Thursday in the final episode of the family’s first season. Hulu.

We’re pretty sure s ** t is going to hit the fan – even more so than it already did.

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[Image via Tristan Thompson/Instagram/Hulu/YouTube]

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