The hiker was killed while trying to save a friend who fell off a hill while urinating

A hiker has been killed and three of his friends injured after falling off a cliff in southern California.

It is learned that four friends were hiking around 11:30 pm on Sunday Palos Verdes Estate When the tragedy happened. Talking to NBC Los AngelesOne of the survivors, Vincent AvilaHe said he and his friends were hanging out on the side of the hill when one of his female friends went out to use the restroom in the dark and suddenly slipped over the edge. The other three soon ran to try to help the woman but eventually fell 300 feet down.

Despite losing his shoes and phone during the fall, Vincent was able to climb to the top of the hill again, where he was able to get some help around 4:40 p.m. CBS News, A rescue operation was underway soon as fire crews were coming down the rocks using ropes to get others. One woman was reportedly picked up and placed in an ambulance, while another was taken to hospital. Both were in critical condition at the time but were expected to survive.

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Palos Verdes Police Captain Steve the barber Says:

“They both told us it was hanging on the edge of the hill. The woman we interviewed said she slipped. And when he started to fall, his friends, all three of them tried to save him. And all four of them went up the hill. ”

Unfortunately, their 25-year-old friend Gerardo Whitzill It was not done. Avila broke a rib and suffered internal damage to one of his kidneys. His mother Irma To say FOX11 That he had multiple deep cuts and wounds on his legs and face, which he found while climbing the mountain. He said his son believed Whitzill had fallen unconscious and did not know his friend had died at the time.

What a waste.

Irma shared with the outlet that the group had known each other since high school and often went hiking together. LA County Fire Captain Wade Kelsey Explains in detail how the area was “extremely dangerous” for a variety of reasons:

“There is no fence in this area. There are slopes where it’s just a steep hill, and most of the area is very unstable, very dangerous if you go to the edge of this hill without any protection. “

Even residents know how bad the spot can be. Tatiana Osoimalo To say CBS That it is treacherous, especially at night, says:

“It’s really nice, but these hills are really slippery, so it’s quite dangerous. You can’t see anything. There is nothing in the sea. Everything is really black, you just see the car headlights. “

Such a terrible tragedy. We will keep GerardoHer friends and family mourn her loss.

[Image via CBS Los Angeles/YouTube]

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