The horrific accident dragged the child hundreds of feet on the school bus: ‘he thought

This is so terrible.

On Thursday, a 6-year-old boy in Buxton, Maine, was injured after being pulled out of a school bus when the driver stuck his backpack to the door! Alas !! The baby’s mother, Athena LavigneThose who witnessed the horrific incident when it happened informed the local outlet WMTW That she feared for her son’s life, says:

“I did not think he would stop. I thought my son would be dragged under the bus, and I thought he would die. Thank God he had shoes. ”

We can’t imagine how horrible it was.

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The baby was rushed to hospital, where he was photographed with very scrap-ups and bloody feet. Her parents also showed reporters her sneakers, which were torn off after being dragged along the sidewalk. Fortunately, he seems to be doing well, all things considered, his father, Matt LavigneTold the outlet:

“She’s having a hard time walking, but it’s all scraped off her legs.”

The bus driver has been suspended for investigation. Dotty Muchmore, Bonnie Eagle School District Transport After the horrific incident, the director said:

“We must always focus 100%.”

He added that school bus drivers go through at least 40 hours of training and that “loading and unloading” is the most important part of training and work for students, adding:

“We focus on loading and unloading our students. This is very important. This is the most important time for a bus driver. “

Interestingly, it appears that the driver may have ignored one of the rules designed to prevent such accidents. According to Muchmore, standard safety measures require drivers to wait until the children cross the road before closing the door and dragging them away. Seeing the baby bag stuck in the door, it seems that the driver did not follow these instructions – and it is hard to believe that the driver in general is paying enough attention to his surroundings because something like this should have been easily avoided.

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Buxton Police Department Chief Troy KleinThe man, who confirmed in a police report that the accident was being investigated, expressed gratitude that the child was OK:

“There are many things that can go wrong. You just hope the baby is OK and not get seriously injured. “

The boy appears to have recovered, his mother explained:

“She is OK. He is such a soldier. This time he took better care than me. I’m really grateful she was OK.

School district officials revealed that the administrators boarded the bus with the students on Friday after the horrific incident. We’re glad they’re already taking some precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. It could have been a more devastating situation. To hear more, watch the video (below).

Warning: graphic content

She is sending love to the baby as soon as she recovers!

[Image via WMTW-TV/YouTube]

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