The investigation into Amber Hard’s false allegations of dog smuggling snuff is ongoing

Amber Hard There may be another legal battle – one that is not being fought Johnny DeppBelieve it or not!

As Aquaman The star’s defamation suit against her ex-husband is ongoing, with Australian authorities still investigating allegations that she lied under oath to take him and Johnny’s pet dog home in May 2015 without declaring them during a court battle with Australian authorities.

In a taped apology, Hard said he was “really sorry” for not declaring their terrier. Pistol And Bu, When he entered The Land Down Under – for which foreign pets had to be separated for 10 days when they first arrived in the country. The trial ended with Hardk pleading guilty.

Video: Viewers confirm Amber taking photos while testifying

However, the case is far from closed. A representative of Australia on Wednesday Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) To say Newsweek The department was “investigating allegations of Ms Hard’s perjury during court proceedings for the 2015 illegal importation of (her) two dogs into Australia.” The Magic Mike XXL The star has been accused of making a false statement on her immigration card, checking “no” on the question of importing something into the country that should have been announced.

Here’s where the potential lie lies: Amber claims the whole thing was a misunderstanding because she assumed Johnny’s assistants had already sorted out Poch’s papers.

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The investigation was first published in October 2021. A DAWE representative said And! News At the time that “the department is seeking witness statements and once received, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution will consider whether the evidence is sufficient to follow the matter.”

A 36-year-old attorney dismissed the investigation, telling the outlet:

“This is truly unthinkable, and we are convinced that this is not true, either the Australian government, or the FBI, will pursue a policy of further pursuit and victimization of a person who has already been tried as a victim of domestic violence.”

While admitting hard guilt, Magistrate Dr. Bernadette Callaghan The actor was given a $ 1,000 a month good-natured bond for which there was no documented evidence He has avoided two charges for illegal import.

Interestingly, the allegations of fraud stemmed from Depp’s defamation suit in 2020, where his estate manager Kevin Murphy Amber claims to have known what she was doing when she broke the law. At the time, he said,

“I have also explained to Mrs. Herd several times the fact that it was illegal to try to take dogs to Australia without completing the mandatory procedure and that this could result in extremely severe penalties, including the death of a dog.”

Do you think it will come?

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